Getting 'firedoored'



Alright then

Fuckin millennials. Grumble etc.


Was really hoping it was a sex move.


Are you grumbling about this having a name or the fact that people (still) do this kind of thing?


mainly just a good old sunday grumble. it MIGHT be a bit about the endless nicknaming of things like this. i’ve only just gotten to grips with ‘ghosting’ and i still hate that secretly


I think it’s good that things like this and ghosting etc have names, makes people realise it’s not just them going through it innit.

Just because YOU’RE married xylo, some of us still have to deal with these things you know! How insensitive


:smiley: i’ll have you know it says that firedooring CAN happen in long term relationships. so i’m still at risk!

i sort of always assume that people being shit in specific ways in relationships are widespread though, which is why the nicknaming etc doesn’t really change my outlook BUT your point is a good one - if people don’t know that things like that are widespread then i guess it helps them feel legit in feeling annoyed/upset by actions etc, which is good


why is it not called “person x is being a shitty wanker?” or something.

Firedoor, really?


Yeah exactly. Horrible to think people treat other people like that. And that people put up with it. Think I’d just tell them to get stuffed if I was in that position , but I appreciate that’s easier said than done if you’re actually in love with them.


Got a girl who never replies when you tag her in memes, but summons you for sex as soon as a relationship ends?

How many more years of this bullshit do I have left?


Congratulations! She hasn’t realised you’re a FUCKING CHILD yet.


Overheard some students in town a few weeks ago talking about someone they knew: “She’s just a compilation of memes, basically.”





I think this is called “sociopathy” in the field manuals. Tagging people in memes, not calling them for sex that is.


I do this quite a lot (with only a few people, mind).


firedoored. i can’t even get access to the car park to wait outside for when the firedoor opens. don’t talk to me about firedoored.


Isn’t this just called being used? Did it need a special new name?


Great, due to a link on that article, I know what ‘pegging’ is as well.


Tell us so that we don’t need to look it up please


My brain parsed this as getting fedora’d. Sounds much worse tbh.