Getting glasses


At the train station last night I asked Mrs HYG what time the train was due. It was on the board down the platform, but I couldn’t quite make it out, but she could, easily. So I tried to read a poster a similar distance away, and again, I couldn’t quite focus on it.

Sitting now, looking at a computer screen, it all seems fine, but I realise if I close my left eye, I can still read it fine, but if I close my right eye, everything goes a bit blurry and harder to make out.

Folks, I think I might need glasses.

I had glasses when I was a kid but I guess as I got bigger my eyes corrected themselves because one day it was decided I didn’t need them. Now I might need them back. Do I just go to Specsavers? Do I have to pay to get an eye test? Will I look cool?


Can’t help much with this thread but I do think you will look cool


I had an eye test for the first time in my life recently, got some glasses, they don’t really do anything except make me look like a right bloody nerd, so I never wear them.


you are prob entitled to a free eye test - check with your employer


Go get an eye test dude. Don’t know who you work for but in my place if you need glasses for monitor work they will pay for your test and give a voucher towards new specs. Worth checking with your staff benefits people…


Ooo, I was in boots the other day and tried on a few pairs for funs. I really liked them. The moment I need them I’m going to go glasses mad.


Wear glasses every day, it becomes second nature very quickly, and makes me look like a faux intellectual (actually, more like a posh London wanker, but whatever).

Here’s a free Boots eye test. Similar things exist for Specsavers/Optical Express etc. etc.


My advice would be to make sure that you don’t get frames that will invite comparisons to Stevie from Malcolm in the Middle, because that stings.


Was just about to post that Boots voucher as it’s what I used last week. Got my prescription then ordered some trial glasses from Glasses Direct and Cubitts.


Which one is Stevie again.





I’ll second this. I prefer how I look with glasses on rather than off these days


Yes, you can get free ones, but technically they’re only meant to cover testing whether you need glasses for the specific requirements of your job. An eye test is about £15.
Of course - everyone who wears glasses is cool (even @Bamnan)


I’ve got one dodgy eye too, I think it’s the opposite one to you.

Just wear one contact lens innit


Just one eye? Monocle, mate.


Percy Toplis completely rocking the monocle look here.



Get an eye test, then depending on where you’re located, see if you can get your glasses from someone like Iolla (in Glasgow/online) or Ace & Tate (online), they’re so much better value than the likes of Specsavers. Iolla for example is £65 for all their glasses.


eye tests are fun. the last time i went to specsavers the guy waited while i googled vouchers in front of him and couldnt find any. everyone knows people in glasses are sexier so dont worry about it


glasses direct is good, ive got specs from there before