Getting into a bath after your significant other has been in it (same water)

  • Fuck off
  • Yes

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I don’t take baths or have a significant other but in principle, no, despite the eco friendliness of the act

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I’d get in after my wife but I wouldn’t blame her for not getting in after me.

I’d love to get in after you


Hate baths and also we don’t have one but in theory yeah sure why not.

A bath with my significant other? Fine, totally ok thing to do.

A second hand bath? No, why would I want that? Why would anybody want that? Doesn’t matter whose bath it was.

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I had third-hand baths growing up, so if I had an other (significant or insignificant) then sure I guess. Baths are expensive business.

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I’m going to walk my last statement back a bit as I just thought more and maybe some people don’t have showers and can’t afford to fill a bath twice, so perhaps i should be less judgemental in such circumstances…

Second hand water? No real problem.
Probably not going to be nearly warm enough? Get to fuck.


Bath growing up was 2nd/3rd hand tepid, shallow pool of water. Bit pointless really. So nope, bath now has to be a super hot, fresh bubbles, relaxing experience. Haven’t had anything but a shower for years though.

Well it’s bath night tonight so call round about 9:30 and it should still be warm for you.

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Get in at the same time if we’re being silly about it, otherwise No