Getting into anything new lately?


I’ve been diversifying my various penoid game interests to give me more events I can go to when I can be arsed. It’s been good.

I’m also trying to learn bass stuff from musical styles I don’t normally listen to, for variety. That’s been less good.



I was thinking of having a look at the music board.


Cooked some pearl barley for the first time yesterday. Does that count?


any slap bass?


You’re a fascinating man, Tone.


Thank you?


Wee bit of Hair by Larry Graham/Graham Central Station. Wee bit of The Awakening by Les Claypool/Primus.

I’m fucking shit at it.


Lucia Berlin thanks to the DiS book club
Getting bang into making Thai curries atm too
Also trying to get more into writing but I sort of run scared from it a touch


Got a real bee in my bonnet about trying stand up. don’t know why. I hate public speaking and I’m not remotely funny.


primus is one of those bands that i find it hard to believe that anyone likes


I also have a pretty big hankering for this, told a mate though who told me I don’t tell any jokes. Is that even what stand ups do these days?


Is this a correct use of “bee in my bonnet”?


Yes [insert witty heckler put-down]


In fairness, I could see this resulting in a pretty great show, though it might not be that comfortable for anyone.


absolutely not


Suck it dickheads


I quite like a couple of songs but they’re bloody hard work to listen to most of the time, but not in a “this is complex and will eventually be rewarding” way.

They bass stuff is pretty interesting but that’s it. I’d rather just learn that than actually listen to a Primus album.





not really, little bit of gardening
i tried watching game of thrones s03e01 to pick up where i left off but turned it off after about 5 minutes
bluray rentals, i guess


I’m thinking of doing Spanish classes but it’s not the first time I’ve gone to a language class so I don’t know if that counts. Also thinking of trying to join a sort of contemporary orchestra, dunno if they’d even have me.

Been get back into stuff that I used to be into but haven’t been doing recently.