Getting Lucky

Not like that, you filthy perv. This is a thread for sharing any recent(ish) examples of fate smiling on you.

(I don’t believe in fate either, but you know what I mean)

Last night the TV and I went out for a posh food and cocktails. We got some xmas money from my folks and we didn’t know what to do with it, it’s a lovely gesture and it’s for the both of us, so we agreed we should put it towards a nice night out.

So I booked a table for last night as Thursdays are generally a night that we’re both free. All sorted and we were looking forward to it.

We met at a pub in town straight after work, as she arrived she walked over to me beaming and said “Happy Anniversary, sweetie!”

I only went and accidentally booked us a delicious anniversary meal, didn’t I?

I tell myself every year that I won’t forget because it’s all the ones: 11/1.


What did you do on the first of November?

Welcome Wyclef Jean back, obvs

(apols if Wolfcastle)


Don’t think I’ve ever experienced good luck, reckon if multiple universes branche out for every possibility, I have traveled the path where everything that could go wrong has gone wrong, straight down the line

Flying back from Miami to London on Monday, our initial flight was delayed so we wouldn’t have made our connection in Atlanta - so they switched us to an earlier flight and we got to go in premium seats!

(They then lost our suitcase and it is still at JFK even though we never even travelled through New York).




It wasn’t a Wolfcastle, but was meant to be a feed line for a Wyclef pun.

I’m a middle class white British born male so every day is lucky for me.


You think it’s unlucky to be non-white?

read something recently where someone was saying when he received a bunch of CVs in application for a job he shuffles them and then dumps half of them in the bin because he doesn’t want unlucky people working for him

hard to argue with that


Sounds like a perfect apprentice candidate

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Check out Daft Punk’s new single “Get Lucky” if you get the chance. Sound of the summer.


No. But I’m luckier than most owing to the quirks of my birth and circumstance.

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Definitely read that as face sitting

Sorry :pensive:


Ooh I just saw that embolden before my eyes!

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once got the jetpack and shotgun both on the mines in spelunky

You’ve never heard of “white privilege”?

Is that like tippex?

(of course I have, I was being pointlessly prickish because it fucking sucks that we think of ourselves as lucky to be born a colour, gender, etc. Suggesting people who are born outside of that are unlucky. Man, the world’s a shitty place.)

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I think getting this job was the luckiest thing that’s ever happened to me. Still feels like I won the Lotto.