Getting Married (polls)

Buckfast is mainly sold in bottles

If my partner wanted to get married I’d go for it. Don’t really believe in the institution but fuck it.

Not a chance would it be a big wedding though. ATDs, my immediate family and that’s it.

Can’t believe the Tories put that 100 person statutory minimum into place, bunch of cunts.

£8.5k all in for ours.

Could’ve done it for £5k if we’d sacked the free bar off and cut down on a few bits here and there but fuck it.

It. Was. Awesome.


What if your parents helped a bit but you also paid some?

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i’m sorry I made that house thread yesterday, now.


We were just gonna go to the register office and then go for a meal with parents after.

Parents weren’t very pleased with that idea, so paid for us to have a ‘proper’ one. Still did it relatively on the cheap though - did it in winter, at a small venue, etc. Would still sooner have gone to the register office and spaffed several grand on a holiday[s].

Not sure why anyone would want to waste thousands (or even tens of thousands) of their own money on a wedding.

we paid £200 for our venue. all-in. including tables and stuff, for the weekend. we did all the other stuff - bar, music, designand set up. saved us £10k easily

mine was similarly also awesome.

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No I mean his options only allow for a single person to have helped pay for it.

Where on earth did you find a venue you could hire for the whole weekend for £200?

(Asking for Barry Hogan.)


Our venue hire was £0. Minimum spend was well below what it would cost to feed/beer 100 people. Jackpot.

@escutcheon Well my whole wedding was £0 because I didn’t have one.

You’d just smash the budget all on cookies anyway I bet

Nah, just used it to give to my parents so they can put a deposit down on a house.

You upward transfer of wealth scumbag.


I wish marriage wasn’t a thing.


congrats. here’s a big Fuck Off Who Cares.

i guess that means you win?

what would we do with all the spare thousands of pounds though?



Calm down.

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