Getting much work done?


Me neither. Quite damp in the old knee pits


Might just go home


Getting TF out of here at 4pm. There’s drinks with the new team. Time to have exactly one beer and call 911


not much really, and all the milk here seems to have gone rancid so i can’t even have a fucking cup of tea

might have my 4th coffee of the day at 3pm


Have it without milk it’s the same but less gross


This is the view from my current «office»:

No, I am not getting much done.

POTW – Nominations




Want to go home.


I’m getting in that lake


I am not


Brought my gym kit with me thinking I’d go after work





It’s the ocean (aka the biggest lake!)


Warm, isn’t it


Air-con at work?

  • Y
  • N

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I’m really struggling


Con air at work?

  • I’ll grab the popcorn
  • Nah

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Has your employer ever gone out and bought you ice cream on a hot day

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Just the other day in fact.