Getting mugged off

Got a painter decorator round for a quote on Friday, just received it. It is for our stairs (and very small) hall. Due to the height of the ceiling at the stairs we can’t do it ourselves.

They quoted for skirting boards etc too. I would think it would take one guy a day, maybe two if I am being very generous. Maybe £50 for materials if you are in the trade.

And the quote? £1,250! This guy wants somewhere between £600-£1,200 per day for labour. Fuck off, prick!


check out Mr. “I own a house” over here!


just get an extendable roller and do it yourself like any decent human being

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Got one. How do you tape the coving?

My parents got quotes for something similar and they were all sky high except for one. My dad reckoned they just quoted really high if they didn’t want the job.


for the edges - paintbrush on a stick (I have done this)

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Do you want to come round.


Use one of those flat paint pads instead of a roller isn’t it.

Ok. £1050


Always get three quotes.

We had some trees pollarded last August. Quotes between £850 and £2,500. We went with £850

Yeah this won’t be it but the first one to get back said he can’t do the work until Feb 2019

Woah. We’re all mugs for working in offices, aren’t we.

At least those guys are swinging about the tree tops and must have some outrageous insurance bills.

It was a great couple of days WFH seeing them at work.

Get to refer to yourself as a surgeon too.

The £2.5ker plays cricket with the full roaster and claimed he was giving me mate’s rates.

The guy I got in admitted he had under quoted and as such was a fucking pain in the arse to get in to finish off the tiny bit he had left.


yeah I did it this way too once - no one looks that hard up there anyway- halls are dark and its high!


Super soaker?

on the stairs? are you trying to get @anon29812515 killed?

Would have to be on the stairs and maybe three stairs up it goes all the way to the second storey ceiling. Would rather not.

I was willing to pay £500