Getting notifications for everything being posted on the site


It seems like I’m getting every notification possible. Send help


More notifications every second


I know I shouldn’t laugh but this has absolutely done me :grinning:

Friday Evening Thread

Fucking amazing


If we post more will pb get even more notifications?


Like this?


And this?


And this?


And this?


And this?


And this?


And this?


:smiley: as enjoyable as this is, it might be something to do with notification settings like this?


Yeah apparently im watching every topic now, will fix it when im on desktop :open_mouth:




I might have figured out how you ended up with the notifications on mobile, there is a bit near the top of the page on each board where you can change your notification settings, you must have accidentally opened the drop down and selected watching:


Guys, couldn’t have we held out a little longer before giving him the fix?