Getting one of these has changed my life


I wipe down the bathroom after every shower and use a dry cloth to clean all the metal parts. don’t know how anyone living in a hard water area can live without one of these things.


how’s it for cleaning your body?


…so it’s not okay to just leave mirrors/windows steamed up?




make sure you clean/wash/disinfect and/or replace the little rubber strip bit regulalrly - they are a haven for black mold otherwise


I keep it upright and make sure it’s dry after using


steam isn’t so much a problem but all the drops of water create limescale and your shower/bath will look really dirty and be harder to clean.


it only cost 99p from the hardware shop !!!


I haven’t tried it but will make a thread tomorrow




I also use one of these and can confirm that it has indeed changed my life!


thanks Dave, appreciate it


My parents insist on doing this. I live in a rented flat and can’t be arsed.


i read this as a reply to you being called a tory


Solid clickbait thread title


if I don’t get this job today I might sell these door to door idk


A welcome return!


Agreed. I use a microfiber cloth to clean the metal parts, dries nicely for the next day and it’s washable too (these have also changed my life)


Ooh I need me one of these, got loads of limescale marks on my shower screen.


Does anyone else wipe down the mirrors/shower after use?

I remember my dad trying to incorporate it into our house life and me flippantly dismissing it.

I was going to do a poll but do they work again?