Getting one shirt dry cleaned

Possible? Weird? Pointless?

Possible, yes.

I’d probably buy a new shirt tbh.

Can you get a new shirt that doesn’t need ironing immediately?

You could get a non-iron one, but of course that’s a lie.

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Find a shirt on a rack rather than in a pack.

Yeah, I heard that too

That sounds like a whole thing

Is the shirt going to be worn with a suit? And does the suit need dry cleaning?

It will be worn with a suit and the suit doesn’t need dry cleaning

Ask a neighbour to iron it for you

It also needs to be clean

Give the suit a trial run and mucky it up so it needs dry cleaning.

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Tbh, I’ll probably get the whole fucking suit dry cleaned again just to avoid the awkwardness of going into a dry cleaners with a single shirt.

Ask a colleague to wash it for you

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We have an office washing machine

Why did you buy a dry clean only shirt in the first place?

I don’t think it’s a dry clean only shirt

Darren*? ahahahaha

*really feel there might be someone called Darren in your office

Also, is this for tea towels etc or actually for people to do their washing?

We have one Darren, a recent employee