Getting one shirt dry cleaned

Say hi from me

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It’s for washing football kits predominantly, I’m fairly sure people have used it to do their own washing before though.

Then why do you need to dry clean it?

Because I can’t iron shirts

You can learn on YouTube.

While the other hailing taxi cab

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I don’t have an ironing board

All I’m hearing are excuses.

I don’t think I should have to buy an ironing board and learn how to iron a shirt when I only wear a shirt once in a blue moon.

He should be able to find one closer to home than Iraq hahahaha


That would be quite ludicrous, I agree, but at least you can do that in the privacy of your own home rather than suffer the ignomy of getting a single shirt dry cleaned.

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That’s a compelling point.

I think I’ll probably just pay to have the whole suit dry cleaned instead.

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I ironed my first shirt in 2018 last Friday for a wedderz. There was a man from Brighton there wearing tartan trousers and a casual blue shirt. He had many earrings.

How did it go?

It was alright. My wife did a reading and then we were spoken at for about three hours by one couple. I had to end it by standing up and announcing that we were going to bed. They took it turns allowing them to go to the loo and bar.

I meant the ironing…

Hide it in a duvet cover and get it dry cleaned for free (you will have to pay for the duvet cover, but FREE SHIRT CLEAN!)

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Must’ve really interfered with your Dead Cells concentration.

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It was ok, just a real fucker getting the iron out of the under stairs cupboard/hellhole.

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