Getting out of bed [Audit]


When/how you getting up generally?

  • Before my alarm sometimes!
  • When my alarm goes off
  • Might have a little snooze
  • Maxing out the snoozes
  • Sleeping through/way past my alarm
  • Other

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Set my alarm to 6.45 and read news/a bit of a book for about half an hour before finally leaving my bed, usually because the cats are yowling to be let out. It takes me half an hour to get ready and another 10 mins to get to work for 8, so far the system works :ok_woman:t5:


Set my alarm for 20 mins before I need to get up. Then 2x10min snoozes and then I’m out of bed


alarm set at 7, I get out of bed at 8:25


Usually awake before the alarm goes off, but refuse to budge until it does go off. There’s a 20-minute cup of tea allowance built into my morning routine, so I sometimes use that for a bit extra in bed depending on how I feel.


Usually 1x10 min snooze then…


Love all these contingency plans people have :smiley:


There’s always a cup of tea waiting on my desk when I get in, so it’s no major disaster if I don’t have a cup immediately after getting up.


Think that goes beyond maxing out the snoozes, man! The maximum I could allow is 3 x 10min snoozes.


i’ll change my vote


Used to be rubbish at getting up, if it was really important to be up I’d set a second alarm at the other side of the room.


Yep same, just a boring conformo who gets up when the man tells me to now.


Only takes one alarm even if drunk. Body has a frustrating tendency to wake itself up about three minutes before my alarm when I’m sober with reliable regularity.


Used to have 6 music as my alarm set to go off at 8 and I’d quite often keep hitting snooze until the breakfast show finished.


Would definitely get me up (to smash my radio)


Nothing worse than sleeping next to a maximum snoozer. Have had full blown arguments about this.


wonder what I am doing wrong sleep wise, when I wake up its like I am in physical pain and the thought of getting up is inconceivable, takes me that long to adjust, wonder if it is diet or something. I’ve got lightbulbs that come on slowly that help a bit


Tbf that might have been a reaction to Keavney.


The tv has made me late a couple times recently :disappointed:


My flatmate is fully capable of using the ten minute snooze on his iphone alarm for an entire day