Getting out of bed [Audit]

Idk, I only started getting up early after having kids. I think being forced to wake up early for a long period of time does something to your body clock. Struggle to sleep beyond 6:30 now whereas before I’d often stay in bed until 11:00.


had an iPhone app that measured your movement while you sleep and you set a window of time you want to be woken up in and it would wake you up when you were in the least deep sleep (or the end of the window), worked really well for the first week but then not so much, so wonder if it was a placebo thing, stopped using it because it was impractical for keeping the phone charged. wonder if there are any stand alone devices that do this

I reckon I am hardwired nocturnal, all it would take would be three days off work for my sleep patterns to be reversed

100 per cent this. I get woken up at somewhere between 5:00 and 6:00 every day. Happily, I was always a morning person, but I really value my sleep and this is just slightly too early for me.

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People that take ages/over an hour to “come round” once they’re up and identify as “not morning people”

  • Get a grip
  • People are different and this is a valid group of people and not just really irritating, please
  • Hate these guys!

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had a manager in an old job who said despite there being a flexitime policy the expectation was we should be there for 9 am, early birds always intolerant of us night owls

got into the office of normally 10 people this morning at 8:05am, already 5 people in. WTF?1!

I have a mate like this, there was a period when he was working from home and he got into a pattern where he’d get up at 6pm and going to bed at 10am.

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Used to be fucking awful in the morning. After 34 years of life I have finally graduated to being marginally less awful. I get up at 6 with the alarm and then if I’ve made myself some overnight oats I’ll have an hour watching sitcoms before work. If I haven’t I’ll snooze for an hour on the sofa instead.

On work mornings I could sleep endlessly it feels, but on the weekend I am totally awake by 7. Never understood this.

Alcohol makes you sleep

  • Better
  • Worse
  • Neither

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Can nod off slightly easier after a few drinks, but will have a shitty sleep

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Before I moved in with my TV, I used to have an app on my computer that allows you to play an mp3 as an alarm and you had to answer 3 simple maths questions to turn it off, I always used this

The only thing that got me up without fail. These iphone alarms I set now are far too gentle for my impenetrable sleep

Even when I do wake up, I’m one of those people that takes a while to get fully awake, on Monday I think it was actually noon before I would have said I was fully awake. Meanwhile my wife gets up before me and is always of the most sunny disposition as soon as she’s out of bed. There’ve been plenty of clashes over this through the years

I think @colossalhorse recommended me a thing years back where you had to scan a barcode to turn the alarm off. Worked for a bit til I realised you could just turn the phone off instead.

Gets me to sleep easier obviously but far harder to wake up and fuzzy for the rest of the day.

Ah yeah, Sleep as Android. I still use that. You can still turn your phone off (there’s nothing they can do to stop that, sadly) but when you turn it back on the alarm will still be going. I forgot to turn my phone back on till I got to work once and couldn’t get rid of the alarm without the QR code and had to switch it off for the day. I’ve behaved since.

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Used to be pretty good. 5:45am, jump right out of bed, but been off for a month. Still set my alarm for a reasonable hour to have a bit of structure and that, but tend to lie in for at least three hours.

My issue is that either the heaters are on and it’s too snug, or they’re not and it’s ice cold. I’ve been experimenting, half a degree a day, and 18.5° definitely gives the optimum chance of me stepping outside the duvet.

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Have to get up when the alarm goes off or I’ll give up for the day.

I set three alarms on weekdays- 7am, 7:15am and 7:30am. I usually get up on the 7:30am one which causes some issues as my snooze period is 8 mins. Basically means I end up having half an hour in this delirious, half-sleep, half-dream iPhone alarm world. Had some great times there man, great times.