Getting rid of / living with less "stuff"


Chucked out anything recently? Do you give stuff to charity shops?

I’ve been clearing out my old clothes for months and now we need to start on other stuff: books, CDs, games consoles (how the fuck have we ended up with a Wii, PlayStation, XBox 360 and a Mega Drive? I also have a DS somewhere) and just the fucking sheer amount of stuff we cart round our lives. I don’t really want to chuck some stuff but I honestly don’t think I’ve switched the Wii on for about 8 years.

There are 8 backpacks under the spare bed and I kind of think we need all of them.



Just stop buying stuff, the stuff you have becomes more important



yeah I’ve heard about this, people love it don’t they

i genuinely can’t remember the last thing i purchased which wasn’t food / drink / toiletries + other household items, or bike stuff, but yes, this is a good point


regularly give clothes and books to charity, but still have about 200 magazines, 100+ zines and lots of photobooks.

thinking i should maybe sell some of the more expensive/older/limited magazines, but until i have the space to put them all in one place and sort them out i’m not sure i’ll ever get around to it. floorboards will probably collapse before i’m in any position to move house again.


yeah do a yearly charity shop haul or let friends come over and take what they want. wife and i lived in a tidy studio apartment for 18 months so had to keep it really minimal. basically, stop fucking about and get on with it.




Our plan was to go through everything and be really ruthless before we moved house, but in the end we just threw everything into boxes and they’re now sitting unpacked in the spare room a year later.

Don’t do that.


Currently in the process of doing this with everything I own.

I liked this book, it’s good motivation for clearing up, but it’s a bit over the top sometimes.


I’ve talked before about issues I’ve had with hoarding stuff.

I’m better at dealing with it now. Last time we moved I threw out several bookcases worth of books, probably half my clothes, loads of glassware and stuff. Feel all the better for it.

Still feel stuff creeping back, will have to thin again soon, especially now I have baby stuff ever expanding instead.


I would very much like to do this but I think it would be met with some considerable resistance


is that true? doesn’t sound true


that sounds like me and the 30 cookbooks in put away in the shed this time last year (when i was moving stuff to make room for the assembling of new furniture). only used about 4 since then.


from what i’ve gathered (have skimmed it a few times, although @_Em will be able to clarify) it basically wants you to streamline sentimental items, and get rid of everything non-essential that doesn’t ‘spark joy’. my problem with this is that i’m obviously not going to get rid of perfectly functional things that i’ve bothered to spend money on that don’t necessarily make me happy but do serve a valid purpose.


If you haven’t used it in a year burn it in the garden.


Yeah, it sounds fundamentally flawed insofar as binning a load of shit that has tangible value is absolutely not advisable for the vast majority of people.

I do wish there was less fucking clutter everywhere in our flat though. If something doesn’t have somewhere “it goes” then it shouldn’t be in the flat IMO.


It was more like you put all of one category of items from your house in a pile, and go through and pick up each thing, and only keep it if you either use it all the time or it “sparks joy”. If you’re hanging onto it because it might be useful some day in the future, but you never use it. you’re supposed to imagine it being useful to someone who uses it constantly, and get rid of it.


I plan to keep my books and CDs - but it’s old paperwork that I should have got rid of. I think I have receipts going back 10 years and I have bank statements going back to 1983.

I went through all my magazines and got rid of all but the ones care most about, but my girlfriend has hundreds of mid/late-90s music and fashion magazines still.


So much classic marckee here.


The physically picking each item up was an important bit- not just looking at the things.

@marckee- paperwork was actually last on Mari Kondo’s list, because it’s one of the most annoying.