getting to know our new friends

Sorry my brain shut down at the words “peany-b” and I couldn’t parse the rest of the question.

(Sounds like something my wife would try - do you make the cheese on toast first and then spread pb on top while it’s still warm?)


Good luck finding russets, supermarkets don’t seem to have them anymore :expressionless: My dad has a tree in his garden though so I stock up in the autumn.

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Thought this was an answer to the Weetabix question for a minute!

Was going to tell all the lads in the TST that the new guys are weirdos.




Saw some in tezbots a matter of weeks or perhaps it was months ago. They’re probably only available in autumn or something these days. Actually, Mozlers used to have them frequently a few years back, might have a hopeful pop in there.

my weetabix friend has confirmed that it is called a sleeve

she is also gonna sort me out with a personalised weetabix box :sunglasses:

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I think this thread should also be about us getting to know all of you guys as well.

@AQOS - what was your favourite subject in school and why?
@xylo - Peaky Blinders or Boardwalk Empire?
@ttf - how old were you when you realised Santa wasn’t real?


Santas not real? Shit

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Absolute poppycock

thanks @rarity.

My favourite subject was art graphics because my teacher was a proper crusty hippy who had been to Woodstock and everything, and we never did any work, we just asked her about the 60s and 70s and she told us (15 year olds) about orgies and acid and rock and/or roll. it was wonderful.

I also quite enjoyed geography.

I also asked my friend for a fun fact about weetabix and she came back with ‘all of our wheat is locally sourced’. So there’s your ‘fun’ fact.

This wasn’t very fun


Jehovah’s Witness?

Story checks out

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Hello new friends!

Do any of you happen to make electronic/ambient/drone music?



  • UK Men’s Team
  • UK Mutant Turtles
  • UK Marxist Tread

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  • South Africa
  • Something Awful

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Blowing the roof off the Dublin Castle is my fave

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forgot about bumsnogger


Giving the music scene a ruddy hard kick up the arse