Getting up in the morning

How big a deal is this for you at the moment?

I keep snoozing for at least an hour at the moment. It’s playing havoc with my flex time balance.

What about you?

You getting up easy, like some kind of smug fuck?

You getting up straight away but hating it? Forcing yourself, like some kind of resentful fuck?

You taking ages to struggle out of bed, like some kind of…etc?

I seem to remember (a few years back) someone on here had a QR code on their bathroom mirror which was the only way to turn an alarm off, or something.

Got any strategies? Can’t see what the fuss is about?

Keep going to bed late even though i have to be up at 630 ish. Snoozing til 645 easy, one of these days i’ll sleep straight through.

Thought about using that calm app but cba.

Got a great idea for a parody thread btw

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Depends how I’ve slept. All you’ve gotta do to get up is swing your legs round so your feet touch the floor. Once that’s done, you’re up. But it’s beyond me a lot of the time.

Straight out of bed. No point delaying, the day’s going to happen one way or the other. Only going to cause myself more stress by making myself late.

I think it was large horse man. I did it for a bit but figured out pretty quickly that you could just turn your phone off and then oversleep until 10am.


Struggling soooo bad in the last week. Just properly tired and screw getting out of bed for anything other than a necessity.

I want to be a morning person so bad but have to force myself. On Saturdays I do things like book hair appointments and PT sessions for 8am so I get out of bed otherwise I wouldn’t get up till 12.

In the past I was so bad at getting to work for 9am I had a deal with a housemate that I had to email her from my work account by 9am otherwise I had to pay a forfeit.


Normally I find it incredibly easy but I have been quite sleep deprived recently so I have slept through (well, turned my alarm off while half alseep and then continuing the snooze and then eventually falling back asleep) alarms twice this week.

Going to have a mega lie in on Saturday only to fuck it all up again by cycling overnight into Sunday evening again :grimacing:

  • You getting up easy, like some kind of smug fuck?
  • You getting up straight away but hating it?
  • Forcing yourself, like some kind of resentful fuck?
  • You taking ages to struggle out of bed, like some kind of…etc?
  • other

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The QR thing was indeed me. It’s currently in my underwear drawer - once I’ve gotten up and I’m already in my pant drawer I may as well pick up some fresh underwear and then the day has begun. There’s no going back from that.

I’ve tried everything but I still always feel dreadful in the morning. I managed to go running once in the AM a few months ago and thought I’d finally turned a corner, but no. Still shit.


the secret i’ve found is to get up at the same time every day. it sounds shit, but even on the weekend when you can get more sleep, get up the same time you would normally and you’ll feel better for it.

still don’t always do it myself, like


I fucking hate it.


Yeah, struggling at the moment. I know more exercise will be a big help but I injured myself a couple of months back and anything strenuous is agonising. Muggy weather and my general hatred of humanity/the outside world isn’t helping either.

I haven’t tried it yet but apparently the Alarmy app has settings where you can block force stopping the app, uninstalling the app and powering off while the alarm is going. But I’m worried about trying it because it’s inevitable that I’ll leave the alarm on while I’m away from home and never be able to stop it ringing.

Really good at it if I’m getting up for a run, but I’ve not been able to do that for the last month due to a busted rib, so it’s properly gone to pot.

This morning my alarm went off, I switched it off, went into some awful half snooze for like 40 minutes. Eventually I guess u realised I was snoozing and it was probably well past alarm time so I forced myself up, but I felt absolutely terrible, my brain was so fuzzy, ended up standing in a cold shower to sort it out.

A tip top start to the worst day of the week :tada:

Those apps that monitor your sleep and wake you up at the optimum part of your sleep cycle

  • Gamechanger!!
  • Kinda works
  • Doesnt work
  • Fuck off, skynet

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Had it good for a while

Keep having to skip breakfast cause I read my phone for too long

Black mirror episode


Alarm goes off 6.10. If I don’t wake up straight away snooze once until 6.20. And then snooze twice until 6.30. Then out.

Gotta get on a specific train in the morning these days, can’t fuck about too much. But yeah no-one likes getting up in the morning, just got to get on with it.

Don’t struggle too much, the cat normally wakes me up demanding food and I can’t deny that so…

(I just struggle with everything else in the day tbh)