Getting up in the morning

Have got into a bad habit of waking up naturally at 6:30 or earlier and being wide awake for ages, but then falling asleep half an hour before I actually need to be up and then really struggling to get up.

Could do with my bed giving me electric shocks when I need get up

you asking what time I actually get up, or in a perfect world what time I’d get up?

Get woken up by the cat at around 5.30am notmally, then sleep again till about 7 and waste time on here and other internet websites until 7.45 when I haul myself to the toilet to begin my getting ready routine.

What time you would prefer to get up - so yeah perfect world I suppose

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If i had a coffee machine that I could set to brew at a certain time i’d get up in a heartbeat

Surely someone on here has an app-controlled smart coffee maker or something

My guess would be @plasticniki

absolutely not

only freshly ground coffee for me


My tiny Mr. Coffee was pretty cheap. It’s nice to wake up to coffee ready to drink!


have thought about getting one of these. you can get really cheap ones that do it.

obviously wouldn’t be as good as a full wanker coffee but you get one right out of bed…

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Keep plotting to do some holistic shit like starting my day with yoga or stretching or having a routine of drinking my coffee by the sea

Actual routine consists of being startled awake by the scaffolders who’ve been working on the building adjacent to mine since, I believe, before the time of Jesus Christ himself, and being enveloped in terror and panic which slowly subsides into classic garden variety tiredness.

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Same but with Winnie snuggles