Getting up in the morning!!!

As part of a recent life evaluation process I’ve been doing I’ve realised it would be really good for me to get up a bit earlier in the morning so I am not scrambling around like an idiot always on the verge of being late into work. It doesn’t start the day in a good footing.
However, I hate getting up, and it’s when my willpower is at its weakness.
How can I successfully get up an hour earlier in the morning?

Fun stories about getting up in the morning (I’m sure there are loads of these!!!) encouraged.


Waking up is how I usually start my day


Set an alarm

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Sorry, this isn’t very helpful.

Set an alarm an hour earlier than your current one.

Like most other site users, I make an effort to piss my bed every morning.

This makes getting and staying out of bed a much easier task.

not for me, clive

I have the light alarm clock that makes for much much much easier waking up

Lifehack: go to bed earlier.

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Schedule something nice into your mornings. I watch an episode of The Office with my breakfast.

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pretty much this, after years of feeling like utter shit in the morning i started going to bed a bit earlier and it’s actually quite nice

hate getting up but i absolutely have to give myself loads of time in the morning otherwise i’ll get nowhere. hate rushing with my whole life

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Can’t fathom people who can get up and out in half an hour or whatever. Totally alien to me.


I’ve always set my alarm 30 mins before I need to be up and just snooze it until then - I’m a little more awake each repetition so by the time the actual right time rolls round, I feel vaguely ready for it.

Also I need food basically as soon as I wake up, so I get up and pour a bowl of cereal right away. Doesn’t mean I’m fully awake, but that minute out of bed, getting colder, moving around really helps stop me from actively going back to sleep again after - even if I can still find plenty of time to mess around on Youtube

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i’m normally up, showered, dressed and out the door about 25mins after my alarm goes off

the thought of losing out on sleep to watch TV in the morning seems nuts to me

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Currently set my alarm 2ish hours before I need to leave the house.

Still late every day.


You fucking maniac

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Can you get that wife-beating old cunt’s face off the boards?

Oh sorry - I didn’t know about that!
Don’t think I can edit it now but happy for mods to get rid or whatever

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innit, literally impossible. i’ve done it before but i don’t know how, on the rare occasion it’s happened it’s blown my mind and i’ve just been left thinking there’s no way i could ever do that again


Generally need to poo between 30 minutes and 90 minutes after getting up and absolutely do not want to be sitting in traffic at that time.

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