Getting upgraded on a flight

Happened to you?

Happened once to me, was fucking amazing. Was a red eye flight from New York so got some proper sleep. Was back when standby tickets got preference, my girlfriend got upgraded as she was on a standby ticket then we convinced the staff at the gate to upgrade me too. By we I mean she did, I just smiled and tried to look like I wasn’t trouble.

Been dressing smart for flights ever since, but no luck to date.


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Not free, but managed to upgrade to premium economy for £36 each when we did online check in for our flight back from Mexico. When I looked at it before checking in it was about £200 each they wanted for it!

Made the 8 and a half hour overnight slog marginally more bearable…

4 times for free. Couple of times for very cheap

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Not sure I’ve ever travelled on a plane that wasn’t Ryanair or EasyJet in my adult life

So no ;(

i’ve never taken a flight that had an option to upgrade, so no, I am not rich.

a guy i used to work with got upgraded to first class for free on his first ever flight, but since he’d never been on a plane before he didn’t really know what was going on. we were asking him how the flight went when he arrived and he was like “yeah, was quite nice actually. didn’t realise i would get free champagne and the seats went all the way back” etc etc. we were like wtf mate you must have been in first class.

return flight was a bit of a wake up call for him :smiley:


I used to have a great record on getting upgraded in the mid-00s. I was flying United every couple of months (grim) and would get upgraded maybe one in every three flights - they were struggling badly at the time and needed to keep regular customers sweet I reckon.

Then upped my game significantly when I was working for the BBC by taking my work ID with me and mentioning that I was travelling on behalf of the Beeb (not true obviously) and just asking for an upgrade. Worked about 50% of the time - after all, who was to say that I wasn’t some shit hot journalist rather than just a finance temp :sunglasses:

Haven’t been upgraded since 2011 :pensive: