Getting your head round the passage of time

This one feels fine I’m afraid

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Keep reading this title with “never for money, always for love, cover up and say goodniiiiiight”


yeah but you’re old

Yes, and so is Pink’s “Get the Party Started”

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so much of my life has been spent traumatised that years and years have just passed by without me being present

like, time sped up to the point it was an indistinct/grey/unfelt blur through my twenties, then in summer 2017, it slowed right down

for spells, I was able to be present, feeling life not flinching from it

I wouldn’t be surprised if all the undiagnosed trauma in the world is behind a lot of time speeding by

Six week long summer holidays felt like an era when you were a kid. I feel quite lucky I haven’t been a teenager during the pandemic.

I’m also confused as to whether the lack of subcultural differences are due to the technological change compared to the 90s and before. Whether the speed of communication from the Internet generally allows trends to spread quicker which stops these bubbles that led to punk etc (language and slang seem more homogenised to me through different English speaking nations) seems or I’m just old and don’t understand.

People are ‘settling down’ later and choosing to have fewer or no children. I’d like to understand whether this due to societal changes and religions waning influence in the west or whether gradual depreciating economy is causing this shift.

I see a lot of tiktoks on Instagram and there are a shocking amount from kids who are nostalgic for 2000-2015 :sob: felt like an antique, but tbh half the stuff we used then is already retro like flip phones, portable cd players, ipods etc 🥲

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Early 2000s i understand, like that was a whole different time but people specifically nostalgic for that period around 2013/2014 when there were moustaches on everything and people wore stuff like galaxy printed tights on tumblr disturbed me, it feels like yesterday :sob:

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I can’t stop re-reading this in the voice of Stewart Lee


Now you point it out, I’ve probably subconsciously ripped it off from him. I think he said a similar line about Jason Manford (maybe?) in a routine once.

pop stars from when I was young, who at the time seemed really old cos they were famous include Bradley from S Club 7 and Britney Spears who are both 39… which I consider to be pretty close to me in age (I’m 32)

fucking hell Nicola Roberts from Girls Aloud is 35

that’s basically the same age as me


I hate to break it to you (and indeed to everyone) but I’m relatively sure nu-metal is going to be coming up as a genre to be recycled soon.

This is only tangentially related to your post, but it felt like an appropriate point to drop this little doom-nugget

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Some days I think 90% of my thoughts are framing the passage of time in Corgan milestones and getting depressed.

For some us it never went away kisses wallet chain


No matter what you wear, there’s always a pair of baggy jeans and a slipknot hoodie under your skin. Dedication

I always measured myself by the lives of the great Romantic poets (I’ve already outlived Keats and Shelley, two years until Byron)

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Mate, Keats died in 1821. We’ve all outlived him.