Getting your head round the passage of time

I always measured myself by the lives of the great Romantic poets (I’ve already outlived Keats and Shelley, two years until Byron)

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Mate, Keats died in 1821. We’ve all outlived him.


Suck it Keats!


This thread inspired me to look up famous people born on the same day as me. There aren’t any, but I am ridiculously pleased to discover that I have the same birthday as Ian McShane. Up to now I only had Sebastian Coe and I HATE Sebastian Coe!

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It’s already happening!

Been a lot of bands coming up through the hardcore world who proudly wear nu metal as an influence.
Mainly musical but pretty sure more rapping is just around the corner…It’s horrible!

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It’s not helping my head get round the passage of time that the media keeps constantly talking about Euro 2020 and Tokyo 2020 happening this summer.

I hate it when I’m right sometimes (I was actually thinking the other day about how a lot of the sonics of nu-metal are actually quite cool, and that it’s a shame it’s tied to some of the most disgustingly misogynistic horrorshows, so I might actually be down with the sickness this.)

Nu-metal is still remembered as too uncool to come back in the way it was in the mainstream originally

I reckon it’ll come back after a decent metal band make it big who use rappers. Possibly a more funk/rap/hip-hop project in the vein of Rage Against the Machine so something political rather than the bullshit side of nu-metal. But that good band will then open the flood gates for a load of shit.

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One of my mates turned 38 recently (definitely not me, who’s 27), and I realised that him being born was as close to WW2 as it is to today.

Weirded me out a bit as he’s very youthful and handsome and youthful.


AGH!!! My erm mate is fucking freaking his nut about this now!

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I am 38 and I do not like this



I keep thinking 2022 and 2023 are distant numbers but they’re not, like someone told me their visa has been extended to 2023 and I was like thats such a long time!! Amazing!! Then realised by their surprised look that its literally less than 2years away which was discomfiting

it’s like when you get a new bank card and you’re like ‘haha, 2025 isn’t even a year that exists’ and before you know it they’re sending a replacement


why do bank cards expire anyway? is it so criminals can only have a few years of fun?

*slap bass riff*


i started working at this company X years ago. X years before that i still had two years of primary school to complete!

i have just over a fortnight left until my notice period ends …and yet it feels like an eternity

this but with tinned food expiry dates. mackerel is now at april 2026 hahaha that’s decades away yet

There already was a bit with that last Poppy album wasn’t there?


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