Getting your head round the passage of time

Best thing they’ve ever done

The difference between 2021 and 1991 is materially different to the difference between 1991 and 1961. It’s a phenomenon called The Long 90s. I cba to explain tho.


This is already happening. Employed to Serve are an amazing hardcore band who are really close to nu metal with their new song :frowning:

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Code orange are huge m9

I think people make too much of cultural factors. If you asked your parents the 60s/70s probably felt as vivid or recent to them as the 90s feel to us.

I don’t relish getting old but when people say things like ‘omg that was 20 years ago, how is that possible’ I’m the one kind of thinking ‘yeah, checks out, feels like 20 years ago.’ Years are shorter than we generally treat them as being. If anything I feel like I’ve been alive longer than I have.

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No band by that name exists any more.

As you age, each year of your life becomes a progressively smaller fraction of all the time you’ve lived.

See the thing is if the nu-metal revival sounds like this then I’m in

It’s pretty weak compared to something like this.

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Thanks for pointing out a new Employed To Serve song.

Absolutely no thanks for tainting them with… that genre label. You’ll be calling Svalbard Ska next.

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Finest clarinettist of his generation

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You underestimate how powerfully basic I am

(That is kickin though, fair play)

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