Getting yourself a present on someone else's behalf

Any good examples of this?

I’ll start you off with a rubbish example: I’m not really into normal chocolate (rubbish or otherwise) so 'er indoors didn’t know what to do about Easter. I said Tezbots have an Easter egg that’s mint chocolate and has other mint chocolates so I could just get that for me from her, since I go past it on my commute.

Bored myself by the end of writing that, so please give better examples below.

Always tell the in-laws there is a gig or something I want to go to so just to give me the money and I’ll get the tickets. Hope this is the kind of thing you’re after.

It is, thank you.

A guy at work does this with his wife. He’ll get a pair of shoes delivered to work and be like “this is my Christmas present from my wife” but he’s chosen it and paid for it. She had no involvement. I don’t even think she wraps it up.

This never happens to be as I find this quite cringe.

It’s not the ideal situation, but at least this way I won’t have to eat an entire Twirl Easter egg while simmering with resentment.

I’m going to buy myself a chocolate bar on @Antpocalypsenow’s behalf. Thanks ant! Thant.

You’re welcome pal, I’ll PayPal you the 65p imminently.

That goes for any of my fellow community members today actually, grab yourself a chocolate snack and I’ll paypal you the cash for it!

are dis posts legally binding?

No, but I have a huge amount of integrity as a human being.

I was just debating going to buy myself a Boost. You’ve swayed me.

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YES MEO! Was hoping you’d bite!

Got £20 through the post in an Easter card (yes I know, wtaf) from mr pn’s mum saying “buy yourselves some Easter eggs with this please”

I think this is a bit odd beyond a certain age. An old housemate of mine still used to ask his parents for money for Christmas up until he was 30+. Shows a lack of self respect IMO.

Thanks for reminding me to get my girlfriend a chocolate egg.

Fun story: I’m not a big chocolate eater so we have a running joke of her getting me something very boring and practical for easter when I get her a big chocolate egg. Last year I got a good grips y-shaped vegetable peeler, it’s fucking great tbf

My bf isn’t into chocolate either and i’ve no clue what to get him this weekend
Might just make him some samosas or something

How’s his current vegetable peeler? because the good grips can sort out a butternut squash with minimal effort

I got a two pack of almond croissants for a quid…?

Forgot to go get this at lunch.

Hypothetically, if I forget tomorrow too, do we reckon I’ve got legitimate grounds to be angry at her for not getting me anything?

I say yes.

colossal egg-shaped samosa.