Getting yourself a present on someone else's behalf

Bet it wasn’t even one of those new quids, you hedonistic Britain-hating monster

I paid by card to save some smelting power.

Think that’s going to be my new band name.


ha, that’s SO funny.

You can show off your latest release in the create an album thread.

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I mean it’s no ‘Paypal infallibility’ but thanks

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Reckon that must be the first Easter card anyone has ever received

I get them every year. Not sure if it’s a Catholic thing.

yep, we do too (no Catholicism in my case)

Chocolate snacks only, sorry Lonzy.

please note I have never sent an Easter card myself because I am not insane

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I could brown on them?

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My son made one at nursery for us.


Plus all cards are bullshit*, aren’t they. Really pleased with how my boycott’s going.

*aye alright, maybe not the birthday card I got from my niece this year where she’d written by name all by herself and her own name had a backwards ‘e’ in it but THAT’S IT

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yeah they are

there was added sadness this year though because mr pn’s nan usually sends us one and she did this year too, but she’s getting on a bit and she’s now unable to write out her own cards :disappointed_relieved:

@Antpocalypsenow I just nailed a “grab bag” (?) of “mixed” M&Ms from Tesco (£1 intro offer). Can you actually selotape coin(s) to the value of £1 to a piece of paper and post it to me please?

Of course! I’ll just need the first line of your address, your mother’s maiden name and your date of birth in order to process the transaction

13 The Birchings



That’s 1903 right!!!