Got a lot done today, went to some preliminary talks, met the absolute shower of babies I’ll be honoured to call classmates. I swear I will respect their opinions, or pretend to. Grabbed my student ID and of course their weird camera picked up on my new fake teeth so it looks like I’ve been eating coal, cheers.
Also got my internet setup so feel like downloading everything. I had to use a spanner and allz, felt like voting Brexit by the end of it.
Miso soup later, but first a spot of tea I think. You? Aon?


Thank you for starting the evening thread, I thought I was going to have to do it myself.

My day was awful and I don’t know what to do with the rest of it.

I really don’t have much to say it turns out, huh.

Things will get better FL. I don’t really have any practical advice but I know when things have to change they have a way of doing so. Solidarity anyway


I’m on a train
I can complain

(It’s taken nearly 50 minutes to get from Waterloo to halfway between Vauxhall and Clapham Junction. Trains are fuckod lads

Rammed full of newly rogued MPs no doubt

G’evening Ruffers &etc

If the first two days of this project are anything to go by I’m gonna be in therapy by Christmas

Self-medicating with Seinfeld, chip butties & Lemsip

Half of the drinking happy train beers; the other half misery Champagne.

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Ah the Eric detox, it should work well. Have you considered constructing a work cave to hide from everyone?


Got muddy paw prints on my t-shirt from a dog jumping up at me. Delighted tbh.


attempted to explain beavis and butthead to someone who’d never heard of it earlier, and just ended up laughing like a complete idiot at tp for my bunghole


Hair cut.


Airport. Frankie & Bennies. Blurgh.


Thanks Ruffers :slight_smile:

Just hope things change soon, really worn down. R already asleep though, so at least there’s that for tonight.


Never been but send them my love

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Did you watch any of the modern ones from a few years ago? Still got it imho opine

Bennie says hi

working late, wagsy’s for dinner. hohum.

yeah I think it I remember it being good, didn’t they stop doing the videos and do like reality tv or something?

Sending my love FL xx

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Misery pasta for tea. MC Australia on the telly.

@ruffers worst thing is when all the young ones complain about the hours etc and you’re just like…you don’t know work!

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