Ghislaine Maxwell captured by FBI

I’m not one of these “I’m not a royalist but the queen does a great job” people, but still, imagine being 95 and having to deal with this kind of thing. They’re all weird, get rid of them.


Quite funny that ‘The Crown’ TV show won’t be covering this when it is probably one of the most important things to happen to the Royals lately

At least they’ve already made young Andrew a right unlikeable twat

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Yeah I think this definitely coloured that whole episode where he’s being a smug prick but it highlights he’s her’s favourite and she bends over backwards to indulge him. Are they going to introduce Sarah Ferguson in the next series?


Made a separate Andrew thread:

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Get it up yer you vile hag

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That appeal was specifically about the juror wasn’t it? Anyone know if she has a more general appeal she can still make?

Been watching this

Very interesting and well made and I have always had a tangential interest in Robert Maxwell but the tiny interesting thing, not 2 people say “Ghislaine” the same.


It’s really good but I wanted more

More about where Robby got his money/ start and the same for Epstein

Does this get into all the real good shit - his background in the war, working for intelligence etc?

Not enough in my opinion it touches on it I suspect because to get to Epistien it isn’t really relevant. The tapes are the main reason to watch the 1st 2 episodes. Only have episode 3 which seems to be all about Ghislaine.

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Maxwell senior’s intelligence connections not being relevant to Epstein is a bit citation needed imo

It’s pretty clear that Epstein was either a US or Israeli intelligence asset - or more likely both


A long time ago when I was a bored teenager just reading any old shit off my parents bookshelves I picked up The Fourth Estate by Jeffrey Archer, which is a thinly-veiled novelised take on the battle between Maxwell and Murdoch, always wondered how much stuff in it is legit.

That might come in, in episode 3 but up to that point all that needs to be known is that Robert Maxwell had been in the intelligence community. Also the documentary is about the father and daughter and Epstien is a figure within that.

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Haven’t watched this, but a good complement / counterpoint to it might be the three podcast episodes that We Don’t Talk About The Weather did on Robert Maxwell (the Max Factor ones).


Episode 3 was sadly rubbish couldn’t decide whether the subject should Epstein or Ghislaine and did nothing in documentary terms for either of them.

Are there any good non-fiction books about Robert Maxwell to read? Quite disappointed to hear the documentary goes nowhere. There is something very odd to see the man Robert Maxwell in the flesh in this, I think he comes across even stranger on film than can be described in words.

I can’t get over how obvious his hair dye is. There must come an age when you have to give up having jet black hair

also what do we think the Maxwell Brothers think tank ‘Combating Jihadist Terrorism’ gets up to lol