Ghost in the Shell (2017)



Shamefully I’ve never seen the original 1995 animation but I’m intending to correct that soon.

Paramount put out 5 short trailers last night. For those familiar with the manga(?) and anime(?), does this look any good?


Nice to see Beat Takeshi in there!


I quite like the original but I don’t love it as much as well, those who love it.

But this is causing some alarm bells to go off. There’s certainly room in the world for a good live-action Ghost In The Shell. Though perhaps not one with a white actor playing the protagonist. Visually the little snippets look a little dull, though obviously it’s a bit early to judge on those brief ads.


Feels like a massive own goal to cast a white American actress as Motoko Kusanagi really (though she’s just being billed as The Major now I see). Would have avoided a lot of uproar if they’d just taken the Edge of Tomorrow approach and set the story somewhere else.

Plus the director’s CV is pretty awful, his only film to date is Snow White and the Huntsman


Watched the original. Not sure I understood it tbh.


It’s on Netflix Hun x


Lovely stuff!