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Do y’all like ghost stories? I love ghost stories. Do you have any ghost stories you like, maybe famous ones like the woman with the ribbon round her neck or the headless horseman? Or - arguably better - weird ones you experienced or your friend of a friend did? Please share!

Here is one I heard:
I once worked in a large Swedish furniture shop and met a colleague in another store who told me about the time they did a sleepover in the store. At the time there had been all these Facebook things like “I want to play hide and seek in This Shop!” which is too dangerous but! There was a new mattress range or something so they did a sleepover instead. About 10 customers won this sleepover experience where they got a store tour, some freebies from local businesses and some fun stuff and then finally, off to sleep in a specially set up roomset. In order to keep everyone safe, 3 employees were spaced out around the space keeping an eye on everything and basically being security.

One of the customers woke up in the night and needed to use the bathroom, so an employee took her as the rest of the floor was only lit with safety lighting strips and it’s obviously easy to get turned around (context: the stores are essentially around the clock with stock etc but activity tends to only happen in the lower ground where all the products are, not upstairs where the room sets etc are. Any employee is hi-viz doing warehouse work) The employee takes the customer to bathroom, and waits for them to come out. They do, and the two of them set back off to the group. As they’re approaching, the employee sees another person ahead of them walking through the shadows around a corner. From here, they could see the group and the two others are still sitting up so the employee is like “ffs”. Customer says “ah maybe they’re trying to find us?” Employee agreed, sent the customer back off to bed and set off after the person wandering unaccompanied.

They’re walking around the big dark store and this person is just ahead but keeps rounding corners and disappearing from view. Employee starts whisper shouting like “psst! Buddy! Wrong way!” but the customer is just going on, deeper and deeper into the store. Finally, the employee is like, this is ridiculous, this person is clearly fucking with me, I need to get some help. By now, the employee is basically alone in the dark and they’re freaked out. So they set off back to the group, looking over their shoulder, wondering what’s going on but thinking “right! We’ll turn the lights on and now NO ONE is having a sleepover!” So the employee arrives back and storms over to their colleague asking why they let this person wander off. Colleague is like “firstly you’ve been gone for like an hour, what the fuck? Secondly, what are you talking about?” And the employee is kicking off, saying they’ve been chasing a loose customer around since someone must have sent them out alone. Colleague just pointed to the beds and says “everyone is here, no one has moved since you left.” Employee looks and sure enough, every bed is filled.



In the village I grew up in there is “The Red Lady” and “The White Lady” and “The Screaming Man” and probably a few other ghouls here and there

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Nothing to add but also love ghost stories

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What are they like, do they have ghostly motivations? Does anything happen to you if you see them? Any famous sightings?

The screaming man was some dude who got crushed to death at the brickworks and apparently just screams the whole time on accounts of being crushed at the brickworks

I think the Red Lady is searching for her unborn child but that might be the White Lady as well, I dunno.

Whole bunch of lads here: https://www.pluckley.net/village-life/history/ghosts/

Just imagined someone who lives nearby shouting out their bedroom window “will you shut the fuck up!!” and he replies “yep, sorry!” and stops screaming for the night.


“I was crushed at the brickworks mate, you haven’t got a clue so shut up mate”


Nice to see your own fans booing you. That’s what loyal support is.


Lolling at the above

Sorry shouldn’t be laughing in a ghosts thread. Should be scared and crying.

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What’s it like living in the most haunted village in Britain? Do you get tourists or weird physics trying to talk the spectres?

Recently watched the early 00’s film Thirteen Ghosts and think the trailer could be adapted for your local tourism, specifically the last minute or so:

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It was genuinely crazy at Halloween, you’d get thousands of people turn up and the one road through the village would be closed down etc.

We moved away when I was 12ish so it’s not like I ever really paid much attention to it in all honesty. Just meant it was difficult to bike up the hill to go and play football every now and then. I think they shot a bunch of Derek Acorah style shows there as well.

Thank you for your respectfulness in this hallowed spooky thread.


A man smothered by a wall of clay

odd phrasing

Are there any good Spanish ghost stories

none i’m afraid, apologies.

Ah well, thanks anyway


no problem, any time.


My mum is adamant about this time when she was a kid she was friends with a girl whose dad’s job was to open up and lock the local cemetery.
The girls would play around there while he did cemetery stuff (?).
Anyway, he had locked the front gates and had gone off to lock the other ones while they were playing. My mum says she saw this man dressed in quite old style clothing, top hat and that, come walking towards them. He looked briefly at them smiling and then walked by, and continued walking in the direction towards the other gate.
A little while later the dad comes back and says ok time to leave and both of them say to him about did he see the weird man in the top hat go out of your gate and how didn’t he look odd?
He says he didn’t and says he saw nobody pass through the gate he was locking. All the other gate had already been locked up.
He goes off looking around the cemetery thinking someone is hiding in there, but can’t find anyone at all……:ghost::ghost::ghost:


Ah nice one! A stove pipe hat is top ghost fashion. Think about how shit more contemporary ghosts are gonna be, it’ll be like scrunchies and wallet chains.

Did a course and had been avoiding this woman because she looked unfriendly, but then we got paired up and she was one of the most amazing people I’ve ever met.

Linda was a party planner who also had psychic visions. One night Linda had a weird vision/dream that this teenage boy was standing at the foot of her bed wearing a button up shirt with flames on the bottom (cool) and sort of tossing a small item around in a very unusual way. He was throwing it up with his palm facing up, but then catching it before it fell by grabbing it on the descent with his palm facing down. Anyway he says “I’m ok, they shouldn’t cry” and then she wakes up. As you do, she calls her mum to check in, get the goss, but her mum doesn’t answer. Thinking nothing of it, she goes to work. Halfway through the day Linda finally hears back from her mum, she’s been at Linda’s sisters because her sister’s husband’s nephew (son of sister’s husband’s sister) had passed the night before in a car crash. The husband and family are devastated obviously. Linda and her mum keep chatting and then Linda remembers her vision and recounts it her mother. Her mother is like “whoa! The nephew was a teenage boy and I saw a picture of him in a flames shirt!” So Linda thinks, well that’s a coincidence.

Anyway the next few nights, the same teenage boy appears in her room, always tossing the ball thing. He says a few things to her, like basically no drama, I’m fine. So finally Linda calls her sister and is like, look I’m getting messages from this individual and the sister freaks out when she mentions the throwing thing because that’s what the nephew used to do! She tells Linda to call his mother and pass on the messages. The nephew’s mother recognised her son in the description of the vision and was super grateful apparently. Linda stoped having that vision the same night.


Friend of mine had a very intense imaginary friend when she was younger. The friend was called Black Michaela, and apparently she was so adamant about her being real that they had to set her a place for dinner and make up a bed for her.

Of course, one day someone asked: why is she called Black Michaela? Why was she black? My friend explained that it was because she was covered in mud from the first time she’d met her - at her grandfather’s funeral, when she’d crawled out of his grave.