👻 Ghost stories 👻

That is so fucking good, fuuuuck me, that kid would be straight to the orphanage if it was mine.

What does your mate think now?


Ooh that gave me goosebumps. Good story

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Same here. Creepiness confirmed.

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She doesn’t remember anything about it, she was only three or four when it happened so she only knows about it because her older siblings told her. Didn’t last long apparently.

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I don’t believe in ghosts but I’m still scared of them, which is very powerful of them

  • Actual ghost
  • Girl’s dad king of pranks

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Oh yeah, belief doesn’t matter.

Heard a few similar stories over the years told to me as firsthand experiences, but here’s my favourite of the genre.

Nik was at his family’s home in Kashmir. It wasn’t his childhood home, he’d moved to the UK for uni and stayed there, this was like 10 years later so his parents had moved house. Anyway, he gets there and kinda drafty somehow, larger than he had expected, just a bit off. He put it down to having travelled and it all being unfamiliar etc. They all went to bed but Nik woke up at 3am, his mother was calling him.

At first he’s sort of annoyed because he assumed she’d gotten up and wanted him to do something because she doesn’t sound stressed or in trouble. She was calling for him like it was dinner time, or like she wanted him to do the bins or something. So at first he’s like, ugh no and then finally he got up. The rest of the house was totally still, and all the lights were off. He approached his parents’ room but then he heard her calling him from downstairs. So he turns around and heads for the stairs. He’s half way down the stairs when he suddenly thinks, wait, this is weird. It’s after 3am, my mother is shouting for me, no one else is awake, what the fuck? She’s calling him from one of the rooms at the bottom of the stairs. While he’s on the stairs, his dad comes out of the bedroom and Nik goes “dad, did you hear mum?” and his dad is on his way across the hall to the bathroom so he says “what? She’s asleep, where you going? Getting water?” The house is silent again, Nik sprinted back to his room and slept with earplugs in after that.


Do I not like that



Good decision by the girl on boyfriend or car stereo

M R James is the Don ain’t he? The Mezzotint, O Whistle and I’ll Come, Casting the Runes… Man.

The favourite is called The Entrance by Gerald Durrell. It’s the last story in The Picnic and Suchlike Pandemonium and I should point out none of the other stories are remotely ghost stories.

The Entrance is really really great though.


I actually got this meaty boy from the charity shop recently!

All your stories are in it! A good evening awaits me!

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I read this one before turning in last night, brrr. Stared at the ceiling for a bit, listening.

My brother swore he saw a ghost once when he was a student living in a shared house in Leeds. He was home alone getting ready for bed one night and went into the bathroom to brush his teeth, in the bathroom mirror he had a full view of the open doorway, while looking in the mirror mid brush he saw a young girl with long blonde hair cross the landing right to left, her head facing straight forward moving in the direction of his room but making no sound. Of course he went to check, turned the light on, nobody there.

I ought to ask him about this next time I see him, this would have been 30 years ago now and I’m not sure I trust my memory. He swore it was real at the time but he could have just been trying to put the wind up me, me being significantly younger and quite naive.

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That looks thick enough to probably have them all.

I’d suggest you try to read them in publication order in case this book collects them differently

That links through to the others via “followed by” links.

I definitely think he wrote his best stuff early on and later ones can sometimes be a lesser telling of his early works, basically :slightly_smiling_face:

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I have this in my to read pile as well


Ooft, into his room too?? Creepy. Def ask him about it!

A thing that I find very interesting bordering on either creepy or cool is that the London Underground is tunnelled through limestone and when it opened was always very cool in temperature because limestone retains the temperature it’s at. Early advertising posters used to reference like “escape the city heat in the underground!” Why is it always so hot now? Over the years of passengers and trains, the limestone has retained all of that heat. All the bodies, all the sweating rush hours, every train over the hundred plus years it’s been open, all of it adds up to the heat that’s currently down there. I love to think about that, like imprints or shadows of some early 1900s people still remaining.


More ghost stories please.

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Lots of 2nd hand stories here, has nobody ever actually seen one themselves? I’m an entirely rational person who doesn’t believe in ghosts but I’ve definitely seen a ghost.

I was staying at my nan’s house in Dundee when I was about 12.or 13. It was a 300ish-year old detached cottage. There was a small annex bedroom off the master bedroom, just big enough for a single bed and a bedside table and a window, with a crawlspace cupboard taking up most of the rest of the room, it was painted dusky pink and had a load of old dolls on the bedside table. I’d stayed in this room a few times throughout my childhood but only when the house was otherwise full, it was a bit small. And creepy.

Bored one evening I remembered that my Aunties old toys (including a 6-Million Dollar Man action figure with bionic eye!) were stored somewhere in the house, and I thought they might be in that crawlspace. The crawlspace was a dark cupboard that you could stick your head and shoulders into, it extended about 6’ under the eaves to the external wall of the house. Pitch black…

As I was rooting through the boxes and bags I felt my neck prickle and knew I was being watched. I looked to my left, into the back of the cupboard, towards where the external wall should have been. There was another room. The same as the room I was in but a mirror image, as if it was a semi detached house and I was looking through a hole in the wall, window in the same place etc. There was yellowy light coming through thin curtains over the window.

The other room had bare floorboards, a rug, a side table with flowers, and a high backed old fashioned chair facing away from me. In that chair was sitting a very old woman, looking back at me over her shoulder, over the back of the chair. I vividly remember she was wearing a old hat with feathers in it which I thought made her look like a native American but I’ve since recognised as 1920s, flapper style.

I fucking panicked, I shot out of the cupboard. Took a breath and thought ‘nah, surely not’… and I leaned back in. Same room, same woman, but this time she was right up at the hole / window / gap in the wall, looking at me at the same angle I was looking at her, about 6’ away from me. Smiling.

I bolted downstairs. My mum was in the kitchen and I scared her, I was pute white and panicking. I told her what I’d seen and she got my uncles to go up and check the room, but the cupboard was obviously just a normal cupboard. No mirror in there, which would be the rational explanation whenever I think back about it. I never slept in that room again.

My aunt has since told me that she occasionally used to sleep in that room when she was younger, until she woke up to feel the sheets being pulled off her from the foot of the bed. She never slept in there again either.


Argh fucking hell


I love you sweaty gets me every time