Ghostbusters: Afterlife (Spoiler thread)

Clue is in the title. Spoilers ahoy! This thread presumes you’ve seen it and want to get into some pretty spoilerific and petty debate!

Just got out of seeing it.

Context: Grew up loving Ghostbusters, I think 2 is ok but nothing more and didn’t hate the reboot but equally found it a bit cheap.

But I loved this! It was a lot of what I’d hope it would be. The first 7/8s is utterly great and a decent movie, gradually building up to that moment where the kids piece it altogether.

I felt like the last 15mins loses the plot a bit and goes too ‘callback central’ and contrived for my liking (I thought the firehouse was a Starbucks? Where did they get that proton gear from? Was that the best they could manage for how to bring them back?) given how well the film handles everything up to that point, but it didn’t ruin it for me. And even THAT part that’ll divide people was ok in my books. It felt sensitively handled and whilst I don’t think you needed to see Egon, they did it as well as you could ever hope and walked a line well. If you can’t bring someone back to life in Ghostbusters, then when can you?!

Much like Force Awakens, the best bits are all to do with the new characters and in some respects I wish the referential stuff was dialled down even more. And it does feel like they REALLY need to drop Goza / Zuul etc now.

But that aside, there’s so much to adore. The remote setting, the overall aesthetic of it all, the message of ‘science is cool’, Paul Rudd’s teaching methods, the cool elaborate trap shit Egon has done, Muncher, the chase through town, the use of ‘Boredom’, Ray answering ‘Yes?’, Annie Potts, the mobile ghost trap, Podcast and obviously - the star of the show - Egon’s Granddaughter.

Excited a new generation of kids will have Ghostbusters in their lives and I hope it’s the start of something ace, but that leaves the past behind now.

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As I dwell on it though, that feeling of unbridled joy is starting to fade and I’m being left with a bit of that Force Awakens vibe of that was fun, and I enjoyed it, but did they waste the old guard, descend into too much fandom and not do enough new things…

Guess that’ll become clearer on repeat viewings.

This was fine, but really slow paced considering the material. The characters were quite 2d and there was no real sort of development or anything, which was frustrating.

I liked that Phoebe was the lead, I thought the kid cast was great, and the ghosts were fun. Cute lil marshmallow gremlins. Loved the “do it for her” pinboard moment details, spotted a note that was like “images of her make my pulse faster” or something which was really sweet.

It’s an “eh, sure” from me.

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Weirdly we had the Ghostbusters reboot on today because Netflix was pushing it and my kid wanted to see it. It’s absolutely piss weak, but then again I don’t have any fondness for the original (not sure I’ve even seen it all the way through in one go).

Probably won’t see this new one, but I hope everyone has a lovely time.

Thing is it’s a kids film. And kids who’ve seen the originals will like it and get it.

It does go a bit star wars but it’s all fun and busting.

Paul Rudd is everywhere huh??


You say that but Ron’s Gone Wrong is a kids film and it is fantastic

(I wish everything was RGW)

Two days on and I find myself fairly incredulous that Indy, Star Wars and now Ghostbusters came back with continuations to the original films and with approximately 100 years of thinking time, fan stories, spin offs, comics and the best Hollywood talent, they couldn’t find a way to make Han, Leia, Luke, Indy, Lando, Venkman, Etc have a meaningful story, decent line or reason to be back.

What huge wastes.

Loving your journey in this thread Vamos


Think I’m netting out at first 3/4s great, last 15 utter tripe

Not seem this because we don’t get it until fucking January (see also Dune in December FFS) but Indy is an odd one out there because Afterlife and TFA / TROS all came after sequels which caused a lot of grumbles so this is all about hugely safe choices I guess.

With Indy it feels like the really big issue was Lucas, Spielberg and Ford had to all agree on the script and I think none of those guys really were on the same page by the time KotCS was being made. Nothing worse than a compromise based on least-hated

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Just watched this. It was a perfectly passable movie until the originals show up it goes down the pan what a shite payoff Egon being unseen and the lamp lightbulb going out at the end would have been better than him being a Ghost that disappears.

Also the lack of decent soundtrack from the current era really annoyed me. Have you heard the absolute bangers in the original movies, I have been absolutely hammered outside Mint Lounge talking about how good some of them are:

Weirdest change of direction in a song maybe ever, BANGER



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