Ghostwatch - 25 years later

Good article on it here

I’ve read / heard a tonne about this but never seen it. Not sure it would be worth actually watching it now.

I imagine it would be terrible watching it for the first time now, at the time though it was pretty effective.

I do have a soft spot for Sarah Green though as she used to be the narrator for various Famous Five books I had on tape.

Plus for the way she dealt with Marky Mark here:



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It’s dead good, had it on DVD until I did a big Music Magpie a while ago

And the way she dealt with a potty-mouthed Eliot Fletcher:

I do vaguely remember it. Think I might’ve watched bits of it at the time. Was probably too scared to watch it properly. Big playground chat though. Had a quick skim of that article; had no idea it’d had such a grim impact.

I remember watching it live with some friends, was about 13. One of them kept insisting it was all real, the rest of us said it clearly wasn’t. When it ended with Parky speaking in a ghost’s voice he stood up triumphantly in front of the TV and shouted ‘now do you believe me!’ as the credits with all the actors involved scrolled up the screen in the background. Daft prick.

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remember watching this when it was on. It was shit.

It completely passed me by when it was on, and I guess that I’d have been just about the perfect age (13) for it when it was broadcast.

Maybe I was at scouts that night.

I think at 17 I was already a bit too cynical which is why I probably thought it was rubbish.

I was six when this aired, scared the shit out of me. No way I should have been watching it.
I have it on DVD and it absolutely doesn’t stand up, but well worth a view for nostalgia.

remember it vividly. Really creepy - was genuinely effective at the time, until it all went stupid in the last 10 minutes or so.

Got a friend who’s quite obsessed with it, so I’ve seen it since. Some great little touches, like the reflection of pipes in the patio doors etc.

But yeah, imagine if you didn’t watch it as a child at the time, it’s gonna look pretty shit.

Watched it live when I was a boy. Found it really scary.

I was one year old so I was probably having a sleep tbh

Just realised the Express columnist quoted in the article’s called Peter Tory. Presumably they’ve replaced him with Edward Brexitsgood or similar #asatire

The latest episode of the Criminal podcast is about Ghostwatch. Looking forward to giving it a listen!

I watched it just the other night. Definitely a bit dated in a couple of ways, but overall really intriguing and disturbing. The sheer breakdown of everything is beautifully and surreally done - that 90s studio environment just descending full-speed into Hell.