Gibbard is covering the entire of Bandwagonesque (plus further question)



Along those lines, and the likes of RA covering Taylor Swift, which artist would you love to see cover which album?

I would very much like to hear Josh Homme doing Adore, for instance.


Justin Time - a triple album where Bieber, Timberlake and Hawkins all pay tribute to each others work


I would listen to two thirds of that release


Mud and Honeyz doing Touch me I’m sick.


I would like to hear Van Halen cover the entirety of jagged little pill


I’ll have to think about this all day, but off the top of my head I’d really like to hear Titus Andronicus do Everclear’s “Sparkle and Fade” both because it would be amazing and because people might rethink their opinion on that album. I know Patrick has said in at least one interview unprompted that they’re a good band. I’ve always thought they might be an influence, it’s very easy to hear Titus Andronicus doing “Chemical Smile”.


blinding answer


Good question

The Cure circa Disintegration doing The Blue Nile’s "A Walk Across The Rooftops"
Cocteau Twins doing Low "I Could Live In Hope"
The Microphones doing Low "Drums and Guns"
Nina Simone doing Songs: Ohia “Didn’t In Rain”

Would be some good ones


Scott Walker doing The Soft Bulletin was the first one that sprung to mind for some reason. I think I’d just like to hear him doing Waiting For A Superman, really.


Gibbard explaining his connection to Bandwagonesque:



can’t wait for this

gonna put Transatlanticism on.


also, does anybody own Transatlanticism on vinyl? I temporarily had the 10th anniversary version by Barsuk but found the simbalence on it unlistenable. Wondered if other versions have this problem.

although, i have found since upgrading my stylus to an OM 10 that this has gone on a lot of similar records


I want to hear a loud, noisy, sprawling, motorik version of Lou Reed’s Berlin. Artist suggestions welcome - I’d have said The Secret Machines, but, you know…


I’m quite excited to hear his interpretations too! Been on a bit of Death Cab binge recently.

Sadly I can’t help with your Transatlanticism vinyl question. Been meaning to add a copy to collection for YEARS! Hope someone has answer for you!


I’ve got one!

I’d like to hear Sufjan cover Pink Floyd’s Atom Heart Mother! He could do the title track in his mad orchestral electro style, and the rest in his symphonic finger pickin’ good style. It would be glorious.


listening to the last half of Plans again. Gibbard get flack, but c’mon, the guy’s a mint songwriter


I have the Grand Hotel van Cleef pressing and it sounds fine to me. Maybe the Barsuk pressing is the issue?
Edit: I’ll give it a spin later to check as it’s been a while.


Knew this had to be you starting this thread Xylo. No one else would just hit in there with ‘Gibbard’ like that. :smiley:


on DiS it’s definitely allowed - he’s a crowd pleaser <3


I had to look up why he was famous again.