Gideon Coe is really good on 6music of an evening

Recently got back into 6music since my girlfriend got a DAB radio - Gideon Coe’s show is great, isn’t it.

Usually hear at least one band/artist worth checling out per evening, often more.

Reminds me of discovering Peel when he was on after the evening session circa 2000.


Certainly seems to know his stuff and have a genuine affection for music.

Enjoyed the Nervous Twitch track he played earlier this evening - great keyboard line…

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Perfect dj for that slot. I like him a lot.

Plus he read out my text once.


He’s really excellent. Shame it’s not a time I am often listening to the radio but whenever I hear his show I enjoy it.

My favourite DJ. Like you I don’t always get to listen, but when I do I hear at least two new things every time that spur me on to investigate more.

Back when 6Music first started, he had the 10am slot, and introduced my to countless new bands. I’m thoroughly indebted to him. He had Jim James of My Morning Jacket on playing an acoustic set, and I got called into a meeting just as it started. I emailed the show lamenting this, and his Producer sent me a MiniDisc of the session personally. I was bowled over.

An immensely knowledgable DJ and a lovely man to boot. The world needs more of 'em.


yeah he good

seems like a lovely man

He used to to a morning show with Fi Glover on whatever BBC London local radio was called back in the 90s. Was always a good listen back when I had my “best ever job” in a quiet bookshop

“George” Coe

He plays my band’s music a lot so I like him.

Who’s your band?

The Cravats

He is brilliant also he doesn’t talk loads which is great. Just wall to wall bangers.


He rarely plays anything I don’t like which is no mean feat. Haven’t listened for a while but should get back into it.

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Mine too.

Who’s your band @Raanraals

Cold, cold heart


named after the Wet Wet Wet song of the same name?

Just listening to your band now, really gorgeous.

Thanks very much. We’re working on our second album at the moment.

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Coe and Ravenscroft are my 6music favs. Riley’s not bad either.

I quite like Riley but he’s not quite as eclectic as Coe.

Not heard Ravenscroft but that’s John Peel’s son isn’t it?