🎁 🎄 OFFICIAL Countdown to Christmas Thread 2016 (ROLLING) 🎄 🎁

Use this thread to mark the number of shopping days, first time of spotting xmas tat in the shops and generally gauge how “christmassy” you are feeling.

Off you go then.

not on Facebook

Saw that SCS are advertising for Christmas delivery now (think there might be a thread to be had about the loyalty of the lady in the SCS adverts and whether you can think of any equivalents)

we can just do it here because frankly I think I’ve launched this too early

First tat spot: Debenhams were starting a display of wrapping paper, cards, and bows on 23rd August. Coincided with one of the hottest days of the summer.

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Alright. You know that lady in the SCS adverts? Seems like she’s very loyal to them. I’m thinking mainly in comparison to the ladies in the Oral B Pro-Expert ads (you might remember that classic thread about them from the old place). Worthy of discussion? Can you think of any other examples?

Morleys in Brixton is already in full christmas shite mode (on the top floor ONLY)

Actually, fuck this. This is a good thread. I’m gonna make it, this one can remain on-topic about Christmas.

Bit weird being loyal to a sofa supplier. I mean you buy one every… 10-15 years maybe?

The only one we replaced after 4 or 5 years was an SCS one because it was a complete POS. Would have replaced it after 6 months if we could afford to.


Saw mince pies in Co-op this morning.

SCS - sofa company
POS - not very good

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(Too soon)


My son’s birthday is in December so they could be for either that or Chrimbo but I have been hitting up Tezza’s toy sale this week. Picked up a remote control monster truck and a table with a train set type thing.

is that just for his birthday, or one for b’day one for christmas?

I’m quite interested in a solid answer on this one, bud

Nice one.

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Dunno yet, Will divvy the shit up nearer the time.

Neither are huge things. Both are half price and come to under £50 together.

However, I will be spoiling him, no doubt about that.

you sound like you’d be a great dad. keep up the good work man

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Saw some baubles and that by the till in Monsoon the other day.

I had an email about a week ago from Ocado about booking a Christmas delivery slot.