Gifting people with 'crap you found on the street'

So it was my friends birthday recently, and on Sunday I got round to giving her her present. I’m a tragic gift buyer, so I thought I’d default to lots of little bits, some which I bought and some which I just had in my house unopened that I thought she’d like. We’re talking a couple of face masks, some herbal tea, a soap, some chocolates etc.

She did like it, but it started a hilarious conversation about the concept of gifting someone with just random stuff you find lying around. Apparently it’s a quote from friends too although different content.


  • I often gift people crap I find on the street
  • All my gifts are painstakingly thought through and often some exclusive thing that’s really unique

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My mum’s a serial crap from the streeter too.she has a cupboard ready for every occasion.

Oh god I’m my mum.


Oh I thought you meant the actual street!

We have a gift box of stuff that we’ve bought for x occasion but never given - and so some of that goes out as gifts where appropriate.

Also we’ve got into buying second hand stuff for gifts - eBay, World Of Books etc - just to reduce the amount of Stuff that’s out there


Haha yeah sorry that could be misleading, apparently it’s a box Phoebe has from when she was homeless called ‘crap from the street’

I’ve never watched friends.


I love buying presents! Particularly for people I know really well. I keep a couple of lists, personalised ones and generic ones which I add to all year round. Since me and my friends have got older and my wife’s side of the family have stopped buying for adults I miss having so many people to buy for. My wallet doesn’t which I suppose is the good part.

I don’t see any problem with gifting little bits and pieces though, sometimes those are the best ones!

One Christmas my dad tried to ‘gift’ me his old colander


Could this thread BE any more confusing?


I have been known to give away my own things as gifts rather than buy new things

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Pipe down you

Could’ve been worse, could’ve been his old coriander


When in my last (I say last, it wasn’t, but the most palpable) manic state a few years ago I found a Doris lessing book in the street, and it had a letter inside from about 2004. I was convinced the author of said letter was speaking to me… It was all so relatable, like “stay strong my dear friend, all of this will be OK”.

I kept it for ages but no idea where it is now.


My most precious street finds:

Cheap pink cowboy hat, outside Penneys in Sligo, clearly dropped by a child: that I could never give away

Cardboard lettering of the word “Yaaass” outside a print shop: still hanging up in my ex’s apartment last I knew

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There’s some pretty good crap to be found on the streets sometimes y’know

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