Gig audit: are people wearing masks still?

Just curious what your experience has been like. (I’ve only been to one outdoor show and people wore masks sparingly)

Maybe 1/10th of people at the last London ones I’ve been at, mixture of capacities.



I’ve been to four gigs in the past month or so, and while we were wearing masks, I would say that over 90% of people were not.

(this is in London, at the Royal Festival Hall, a church in Kingston, the Roundhouse and upstairs at EartH)


Went to a gig the first week they were back and even then when much more people wear wearing them in shops, public transport etc I’d say fewer than 5% were wearing a mask (I started with one but took it off cos it’s a pretty unpleasant experience)

Haven’t been to a gig for a few weeks but can’t imagine that number’s increased.

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Don’t think many people were wearing masks at Are You Listening? Festival a fortnight ago.

It seemed people had forgotten how to use bars, though. Some of the venues had people forming one long single queue.

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Similar in my experience. Was at caribou in liverpool and only a handful of us masked up

I’m probably a big hypocrite.

I’ve been going to gigs sort of at the same frequency pre-Covid. I’ve been triple vaccinated as of two weeks ago.

I wear masks at all the gigs I go to but would estimate mask wearing at gigs is less than 5%.

I won’t mention the artist but I went to one of many Rough Trade East gig/signing things post lockdown and was masked when I got my CD signed. I couldn’t say for certain but the look on the artist(s) face was sort of disappointment or “what’s up with this guy?”. I think I got a cold response when I thanked them for the signing and the gig.

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From what you’ve posted, I don’t think that’s the case at all.

I would call myself a hypocrite. Obviously prefer not to but I have been going to quite a few gigs and inevitably am mixing with a large crowd indoors.

I wear a mask but for others in the audience, that might be their only gig and they’ve decided not be masked up.

Not sure who’s in the wrong more, me for attending a lot of gigs albeit masked or a rare gig go-er who’s unmasked.

Going to a gig tonight, will probably wear one when entering and then take it off which I realise is silly but seems kind of polite to the ticket staff.

In Scotland you’re supposed to wear a mask when entering / exiting the venue, moving around the venue, and when at the bar. Not if you’re drinking or “dancing” (which covers watching live music). People are pretty good at doing that, even in smaller venues. Sneaky Pete’s is about the size of a living room and the bar there is just one side of it, but even there I’ve seen people walk like two foot from where they were standing to the bar and put a mask on to do it.

I’ve been to three shows since live music started up again, and I’ve seen about four people wearing masks while watching a band.


No. Gigs, pubs and Clubs basically have zero masks

A thumbs up to O2 Islington Academy staff/security. The Wendy James gig there was the only one where they checked your vaccination status on The NHS app.

Security asked people politely and it wasn’t a surprise for those attending as it was made very clear that that was the condition for entry when you bought a ticket.

I could “accept” the large majority of people not masked there as everyone was double vaccinated.

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rules are a bit different in NI, standing gigs aren’t allowed until the end of this month so everything is seated currently. It’s basically been masks while moving around, no masks while seated, which is the same as how our pubs and restaurants and cinemas and everything currently work

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At Fontaines DC last night in Leeds and I’d say I saw 4-5 people wearing masks and we moved around the venue a fair bit to find the right spot. It was a sell out and holds over 2,000. We were stood right at the back too, where you’d expect more masks to be worn given how full it was.

Was at Katy J Pearson at a smaller venue in York a couple weeks ago too and no masks were worn by anyone we saw.

Realistically somewhere between 1-5%, certainly a small minority.

Interestingly the O2 mandated covid passports and were checking on entry.

Edited to say Fontaines was at the O2, so to BMS’ point this may be the case for less masks.

I don’t know cause I’m still at the stage where I would not attend an indoor gig.


At Johnny Foreigner a few weeks ago barely anyone was wearing a mask, although they did ask that all attendees be either double vaxxed or provide proof of a negative test (though I don’t think either were actually checked when entering the venue)

Yes, the thought of being in a hot, unventilated, crowded space is quite scary at the moment, add on to that people not wearing masks :grimacing:

I am going to my first gig since the before times in a few weeks, I will be wearing a mask and going to stand on the balcony which never gets too crowded in the venue I’m going to. Very conflicted about it but getting to the stage I need to for my mental health. Have another a week or so later and will probably stay away until the spring after that.

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