gig etiquette

(usually male) person in the crowd shouting ‘I love you!’ at a (usually female) performer

  • fine
  • not fine

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crowd member leaves and the person behind them leaves the space in front of them instead of moving forwards

  • fine
  • not fine

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Couple of minute grace period imo


Wait until the band starts and then bulldoze through the crowd with a train of 12 of your mates

  • Fine
  • Yeah, no

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getting the drinks in and shoving your way to the front with them after the band starts

  • yeah
  • no

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Farmer brings his own cow to the venue and starts milking the cow about six rows from the front and then accidentally knocks over the bucket that has been filled with milk and then also talks to his mate during a quiet bit of the song

  • Fine
  • Not fine

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  • Floor between your feet
  • Cloakroom
  • On your back (stood at the back)
  • On your back (stood at the front)

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Going to a gig by yourself

  • Really, it’s fine
  • No
  • But what if!

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  • Verboten
  • Take a couple of photos if you really want, maybe check a text between songs but keep it to a minimum
  • Everyone enjoys my glary screen and I’m definitely going to watch all of these videos again at home

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I’ve been to dozens and dozens of gigs on my own.


do it a lot but these days avoid going to sold out standing only gigs by myself cos being in a packed crowd on your own is hell

Full pint when a song ends

  • Hit myself in the chest instead of clapping
  • Tuck beer under an arm and clap
  • Hold cup in mouth and clap
  • Just ‘woo’ or something instead
  • Other

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Hold beer in one hand, slap my meaty bicep with my other hand.

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Polite tap on my pint. It’s the thought that counts.


For a full pint, “chest slap” there starts to be a dynamic between liquid in the cup and the strength of plastic as you get further through it.

Singing along

  • Yeah, everyone’s paid to hear me sing haven’t they?
  • Correct answer

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not gonna hear the people alongside you singing unless they’re incredibly loud tho


Don’t sing along. Don’t have any problem with people singing along (to bangers)

What if, hypothetically, they sing every single word of every single song about half a second too early?

  • Sing the correct lyrics loudly to all the songs
  • Sing whatever lyrics you think are right to all the songs
  • Mouth the lyrics as silently as a lamb
  • Sing when prompted by the band
  • Sing guitar riffs
  • Remain silent

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Entirely depends on the band and song.