Gig Farts



These can be quite potent and distracting. Note I don’t do them because I was brought up properly.

How do you deal with them? Do you wrinkle your nose so other people know you have smelt, but not dealt it?

Other general gig fart chat.


Sometimes people fart at concerts, have you ever smelt one? Have you ever been the farter at a gig? Do you strive to communicate that you haven’t “done the deed” to those around you?

Please contact @zxcvbnm via DM if you can answer any of these questions.


Anxiety inducing, because even if I haven’t, I feel like other people will think I am responsible.


Ban this sick filth.


time and a place innit. death metal gig, fine. harp recital, less so.


I have a special set of shoulderpads made of thick sponge and I thrust several lighted joss sticks in each, so I look badass and no one comes near me but everyone’s glad I’m there to keep the stink of farts away.


That’s why you need to wrinkle your nose, or maybe raise your sleeve to your face so people know.


I’m sure @guntrip or someone had a really good story about gig farting. I’m trying to find it on OldDiS but I keep dredging up threads from The Bad Old Days


Football farts are the worst. Someone near me is terrible at it.


Just about the only downside to the smoking ban has been that gig farts are more noticeable.

I tend to avoid the problem by not going to gigs popular with forty-something men or vegetarians.


Someone did an evil jazz fart at Scala the other day. Was during the support act and potent enough that we moved to a different area of the crowd.
8/10 experience


Mate of mine does proper toxic ones. Always silent though, then you’ll notice he moves away after he’s dropped one. The smell is disgusting.


Trombone recital, fine but consider your timing.


Im a big fan of doing one, then immediately putting my shirt over my nose and looking around like ‘phwoar who did that’


The last time I went out “clubbing” was at the Hoxton Bar and Kitchen place, and as the lights came on at the end, it was accompanied by the worst smell of shit. At first I thought it was a nasty, nasty fart, but as we were heading out, I became pretty sure someone had shit themselves. Awful scenes. Not jazz.