Gig going preferences - a polls and chat thread

Was thinking about my preferences for going to gigs recently. I tend to circle around the same ten or so venues, so am fairly set in my ways. Thought it might be interesting to bang a few polls out to gauge what Music Board folk (literally the BEST people) prefer in general when attending concerts…

  • Standing
  • Seated

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  • Greatest hits set - nominal two songs from the new album
  • Play the majority of the new album - smattering from the back catalogue

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Almost always standing.

Set preference depends on how good their newer stuff is and how many times I’ve seen them live before


Mostly agree with this, but there’s something about an all seated gig. Sitting down and watching something at The Barbican/Festival Hall? Why yes sir, I AM extremely cultured :face_with_monocle:


Usually standing but seated sometimes for a little treat. E.g. Had a sit at Beach House earlier this year and that was spot on.

  • Seeing an act play in your home town
  • Travelling to another town to see an act
  • Going overseas to see an act (loadsamoney option)

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Problem is on both of those questions is that the answer is ‘depends’. As I am old and decrepit I usually prefer sitting down these days but there are definitely still gigs that are better experienced standing up in crowds. Whether I want the new album or a greatest hits set would depend on how much I like the new album, but a roughly 50:50 split is usually about right.


some acts will just be better in seated venues, rather than the seating itself being the point

Jon Hopkins seated gigs in Royal Festival Hall in 2014 and then Royal Albert Hall in 2021 were both fucking miles better than standing in Brixton fucking-shit-sound Academy can ever be.

Completely impossible to answer the greatest hits/new album question. Depends entirely on the artist.

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Standing area preference
  • As close to the front centre as possible
  • Close to the front, but not right up there
  • Towards the back
  • Right at the back
  • On the sides, close to the front
  • On the sides, far away, but with a bit of space
  • Other

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As close as possible to the sound desk while getting a decent view

  • Always try to get there in time for the support act
  • Only bothered about the support act if I know I like them already
  • Fuck support acts

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There’s always one side of the gig that has loads more space because people can’t be bothered to walk round when they get in the front entrance, that’s the side I go to

  • All three?

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I like to catch a support band, a fair few I went in knowing nothing and ended up loving them. Also helpful either way as during the support you can get a drink, go for a piss, find a decent spot for the main act anyway.

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  • Stay for the encore
  • No thanks

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This one is tough for me. I’m quite inconsistent. It usually depends on what mood I’m in on the day. But I usually go to gigs on my own - when I’m with others I’ll pretty much always see the supports.

Also depends on how many supports. If it’s a 2 band bill, I’ll see both. If it’s 3 then I’m not sure. If it’s 4 or more I’ll just be a bit annoyed because that’s too many.

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i enjoy a quiet all seated gig, but if there’s options i will usually go standing

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really depends on the gig - soul glo last week was absolutely standing but seeing Low requires a comfy seat!

I am willing to sit a lot more now i’m older and weaker though.

Set preference is very much dependent on the band. I like the maiden approach generally alternating between touring the new album, then touring a hits/era set. I generally go for the latter :slight_smile:

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I’ll stay for the encore but my tip is to use the downtime to go all the way to the back, watch the encore from there, then hoof it the moment it’s done


The optimum number of songs to play from the new album is 6

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Unless it’s a post-rock band :smiley: