Gig going preferences - a polls and chat thread

Id say 10:30 as up here there are late trains around 11 and then maybe a 12 service but it’s not very fun. Tend to drive or I’ll end up skipping the last 10 to make an 11pm train.

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I think I’ve only ever been to one gig that finished before 9.30pm (Fleet Foxes and a pre FJM Josh Tillman). It was summer and weird emerging from a gig into daylight - it felt very civilised.

Does anyone else do the “Gig Triangle” ?

The best location for bar, stage and toilets

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Good question: i end up going alone to about 60pc but prefer going with a mate or two…anything more than that, rare as it is, is curiously stressful…if its good mates who are into the music its ideal…if they are not into the music their lack of enthusiasm might sour things…i really dont like mid gig chatter and a large group too accentuates rhe chance of that happening from your own crowd!

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When you like the support act it’s very stressful trying to get a big group of people to leave the pub on time


Yes definitely…have ended up going in solo and then spent ages trying to then hook up in the venue with mixed results


This had just reminded me that I’m going to see Tropical Fuck Storm in a group of six Friday next week. Now stressed…

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Haha…good question…im very liberal clearly with the top off option and its pretty rare to see…the thought of doing it myself is verging on nightmare territory eg the kind of dresm where it morphs into just wearing y fronts and being in the venue queue and realising ticket is left at home (showing age here perhaps)

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One of my all time fav DiS memories is when @badmanreturns made everyone (which must have been about 15 of us) arrive early enough to see Crash of Rhinos when they supported Braid at The Garage and they immediately became my new favourite band. Great stuff.


Nice line up that! Definitely the right call

Tbh, I like a nice 7-9 gig show with the support at 7 and the main at 8 for an hour, followed by an entire evening of getting more and more intimate with strangers, culminating in vast amounts of consensual fun.

Only been there once for the (not) ATP Transformer thing with Swans, Royal Trux, The Fall, but i thought it was better than the Academy (I’m actually at the Academy now for Godspeed).

It’s awful pain in the arse to get to and from unless you live up Trafford Road, claustrophobic as fuck and not needed. Wouldn’t worry my hatred for it will probably be overtaken be the new arena at Eastlands

You’re right, I drove when I went. I thought as a venue it was ok though. I don’t understand the new Coop Arena thing at all, no way are there enough shows to keep two arenas going in Manchester.

The amount of money being plunged into the Eastlands one probably means it will be fine. I think MEN will also be fine but, I partially suspect it will have to pivot and start becoming like Eventcity type of place now that is closed.

Kings Hall is diabolical, thank fuck it’s barely used these days

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Never been in it! They must not have had a gig in there for years now

Pain in the arse location as well

Think I was only ever there for the Balmoral show, lol

love ya wiggo! that gig was an all-timer. also i got to watch braid play Please Drive Faster with the guy who got me into them when i was a teenager and he was the cool older bloke from a local band that my username came from! so that was awesome

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yes unless i can save 30 mins on my trip home by catching an earlier train for the sake of sacrificing just one or two songs (sorry Bright Eyes)