Gig promoters/organisers of DIS

Has any musician ever fucked your stage, Finley Quaye-style? How did you deal with it?

yep. ‘frontman’ of my atd’s band who at the time had a bad coke habit and had tried to change his name to ‘henry’ after henry rollins, started throwing chairs about, generally being embarrassing at a night I put on about 7 years ago.

just left the room and bought a pint and had a fag.

the same band also got me into trouble with the venue that night after it was discovered that they’d brought like 20 cans of beer into the please, despite me telling them there was an open bar tab for them.

Was okay though, just lied saying I’d lost money on the night (I hadn’t) and didn’t pay them. fucking punks’ll believe anything.

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