Gig-related injuries

Have we done this?

Mine are all really lame. Got an elbow to the face at Incubus which gave me a proper shiner. Got kicked in the face by a crowdsurfer at Muse and my jaw still clicks to this day. Was in a wall of death once and that was quite bad.


As I was just mentioning in the FNM thread, got knocked out during Soundgarden supporting Guns N Roses at Wembley Stadium. Got knocked out during Babes In Toyland at The Marquee the same year and actually suffered amnesia for a couple of hours which was weird.

Aside from that, cracked tooth during System Of A Down at Brixton Academy and another cracked tooth during a Fatboy Slim DJ set (!) at Turnmills.

Mosh pits :+1:

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I broke my foot at an Idlewild gig. A few weeks later I went to a Faith No More gig with a cast and crutches.

Got punched at Converge once when two people got in a fight, one swung for another but missed and their momentum means they got me instead

My ears hurt after Tim Hecker at St John at Hackney.


Somebody chucked a full bottle of something complete with lid on which hit me square in the face at Glastonbury. Had a black eye for the rest of the weekend.

The last time I ever crowd surfed was in 2003 during Muse, somebody pushed and flipped me over and I ended up kicking a girl pretty hard in the face. Felt so bad afterwards that I decided crowd surfing is a shitty thing to do and would never try it again.

Think I’ve mentioned this before but at his first gig ever my brother got dropped on his head while crowdsurfing to Zen Baseball Bat and missed the headline act, King Prawn

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Just lots and lots of bruises. I get stamped on a lot as I’m tiny.

At a Mega City Four gig (shut up) in Southampton, I put my hand down on the stage and there was a little nail sticking up that went in the palm of my hand. Pissed blood everywhere.

I got badly stung when I bought a can of warm beer at The Koko

fucking muse crowdsurfers!

got punched in the balls by some flailing twot when I saw Metz. Also have lost several pairs of glasses to the melee, not sure that counts as an injury though

A friend of mine injured Morrissey at a gig in Leeds a few years ago.
Moz was reaching out to touch the hands of a fan at the same time my giant of a friend helped a crowd surfer to the stage. The crowd surfer crushed Moz’s hand on the barrier in front of the stage. He stopped singing, and swiftly went off stage shaking his hand in agony, before re-appearing with a bandage on it.


was he trying to get a Dominant View?