Gilla Band - 2024 UK tour announced.

Ahh great stuff! I saw them yesterday and though it was a shortish festival set they were really great. First time I’ve seen them play Why They Hide Their Bodies and I was fully :heart_eyes: throughout.

The last time I saw them, Most Normal had only just come out. Although they were good back then, they’ve since got those tracks nailed down. Post Ryan is a beast now.

Seeing them again has firmly set them in my mind as my favourite live band nowadays.

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it’s another absolute favourite live track of mine, love it so much. Post Ryan is also awesome.
Been my favourite live band since i first saw them 6 years or so ago in edinburgh. :heart_eyes:

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Haven’t seen an initimate show in ages

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Yes is 5??


Where’s this?!


Manchester eh :thinking:

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That’s close enough to my birthday to count I think


gwan you know you want to

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Oh god. They hid soooo many bodies

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Also a London date on 4 December (Fabric). Tickets on sale this Thursday but I’m not sure where from


Yes! Finally! A weekday date that I might actually be able to make!

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oh i 100% want to :slight_smile:

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aaaaall my money on G B




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if anyone is able to pick me up a ticket on Thursday it would be much appreciated, didn’t get much signal at glastonbury last year

are they playing glasto?

God I fucking wish. They got rid of the best place they could play (Williams Green tent) too