Gilla Band - 2024 UK tour announced.

Cluny seems a small venue for them in NCL. Will v much look to get tickets for that.

Aye I’d love to see them at the Cluny for that. I’m based in London now but I think the last time they were going to play Newcastle wasn’t long after The Early Years EP and they cancelled that tour due to illness. So many people (including myself) were gutted! Glad they’re finally doing a date there.

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Tried for a London ticket, TicketWeb said unknown error but still took my money, that’s fine, right?

Edit: it’s now not letting me log in so I hope it’s just a weird bit of borked and I get the ticket soon

Wahey! Finally

(My friend met them after a Dutch gig recently and got me an inside scoop that they’d probably be back here early next year so i’ve been waiting patiently)

I think the tickets were all refunded at the time so we’ll have to buy em again

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If by Belfast you mean Sheffield, yes

Edinburgh on my birthday is it?

I don’t know.
Let me know when your birthday is and I will verify.

I wonder if @Lo-Pan has ever been to @JaguarPirate 's birthday :thinking:


I’ll be there, if that puts you off at all

Oh didn’t notice the Nottingham date. Sweet.

(Feels like they should be playing a bigger venue than bodega mind)

No way I can swing a trip off the island any time soon. At least Belfast is on the same landmass.

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actually seem to recall discussing with you my want to have a trip down to sheffield some time :slight_smile:

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Fabric ticket sorted. Would be very down for double dipping if they were playing around Ireland anytime other than new years (and even then tbc…)

First time seeing them so very excited

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Belfast March 8th

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I meant around Christmas/New Years when I know I’ll be home but point taken :sweat_smile:

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Lopes & Topes: A Gilla Band Extravaganza


Cambridge Junction??? Fuck yeah.

See you in Belfast lads :slight_smile: