Gilla Band - 2024 UK tour announced.

Back on tour again

Need to get a ticket for the Nottingham show. At an early gig before it so dunno if I can cba

Simply come to Sheffield instead

I will be at the Nottingham show if that helps decide it either way

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It might! I’m at Whitelands at rough trade before it but it’s an album release show so should be done in time

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There’s a band being played on 6 Music called ‘Girlband!’


They do not sound alike

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@Bandy Whitelands are on at 7 if you fancy it? I’ll be there from 6:30

(It’s free)

Got an advert on insta for girlband playing in May at the venue I’m seeing Gilla Band at this Friday. Was thinking I had the wrong date

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Good marketing idea , I’m going to start a band called British Sea Power , should help with initial streaming numbers!