Gilla Band - New album 'Most Normal' out now!

Single completely sold out on their website. Will probably be available through some independent retailers in the near future.

More copies pressed up!

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Kinda regret not buying Lawman or De Bom Bom when they came out now as they seem to fetch decent sums on Discogs these days (didn’t seem worth it when they were free downloads though)

I’ve got loads of them, including ‘In My Head’ on CD and this! Goes for hectic money for a single.


Really have the urge to listen the their album on high volume right now. Looking furward to new stuff

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Got masel one :+1:

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The vocal melody is exactly the same as Baloo. Weird.

Love that really heavy bass sound half way through. Track kind of fizzles out though.

Disappointing :frowning:

Mostly decent and still disconcerting which I like and mentions food again which is a winner. Kind of loses it near the end, felt they should have gone full harsh noise.

Chilling moments of that Daughters album seeping in as well, definitely feel that and anything Girl Band do are kind of alternate realities of each other somehow. Would love to see a collaboration :smiley:

because of the vocal melody?

Looking forward to that bass live, if they play again

No I just meant disappointing in general.

Listened to this a few times now, I fucking really like it, love when the big drums and bass kick in and the big droney sound later on. I think this will be great live.

Full disclaimer I’m on a rooftop bar after not a load of sleep and a few sheets to the wind. :blush::grinning::+1:


Just announced a gig at vicar street. Presume that’s in Ireland


It is indeed. Where Lopes and I saw them at one of their last few gigs until now.

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Upcoming UK/EU dates:

2 Nov - Manchester Academy 2
5 Nov - London Electric Ballroom
7 Nov - Brussels Botanique
10 Nov - Utrecht Le Guess Who
12 Nov - Berlin Lido
14 Nov - Paris La Maroquinerie
22 Nov - Dublin Vicar Street

Tickets go on sale for the London/Manchester dates on Thursday 13 June. If preordering the album from Rough Trade you can apparently get early access to tickets.

I hope more dates follow!

Saturday in Manchester you say…