Gilla Band - New album 'Most Normal' out now!

Am I wrong in thinking production issues = it wasn’t selling ?

Everyone is going to Pavement that night

Yea… The Manchester date has moved from the ritz to canvas, same date as pavement. I’m having to go to the brude to see GB (poor me!!)

Indeed. Got my dates mixed up. But still not possible. Putting on (and playing at) my own festival on both dates, like a true madman.


just get GB to come play the fest instead, should be easy enough


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Would imagine so, the Forum does seem like a massive venue for them tbh. Would expect them to be playing somewhere more Village Underground-type size.

You make it sound so easy!

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11pm! Fucks sake! They’re determined to make it so I can’t see them live.

Has anyone successfully bought Moth club tickets? They should be on sale but I can’t see them…?!

On sale on Tuesday 10am no?

Dice link will only let me purchase if im logged into O2 Priority…

Moth Club is on sale next Tuesday but looks like there’s an o2/Virgin pre sale happening now. Just grabbed tickets.

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canny wait for the new record to drop


Cheers for this!

One hour warning.


Yay got some for Moth club.

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IN for Peckham

Thank god I checked in time. IN for this!