Gillette: The Best A Man Can Be / Get

Hilarious how exercised folks are getting over a bloody advert. It’s a bit of a shit advert tbf but there are more important things to worry about surely?

Plus, everyone has a beard these days anyway

(plays safety shot)


It’s pissed off Piers Morgan, seems like a good ad to me


Looks like some snowflakes have been offended!!!


No it didn’t - it just gave him something to pretend to be outraged about for clicks and money.

People need to stop mistaking Piers Morgan for a real person.


Really not sure what there is to get angry at there. Literally just an advert saying that violence and sexual harassment are bad things.


exactly, if you’re angry about this you’re literally just marking yourself out as a cunt

‘gillette don’t want masculine men using their products’ is maybe the biggest pile of brain drivel i’ve ever seen.


It’s the #notallmen brigade acting like the advert named them personally as a sex offender rather than merely suggested men should try to be decent. Same old.


Not all men are sex offenders, true, but I’d be incredibly worried about that lot.

Always fun when vids like this and the Ghostbusters remake trailer get a gazillion downvotes and people try to claim with a straight face that it’s definitely got nothing to do with sexism and angry neckbeards.


In my experience women’s razors are sold purely as decoys to lie unused on the side of the bath while my razor gets used by both me and, not-so-secretly, my gf.


Mrs F won’t use ‘women’s’ razors for this reason. She’s got my old Gillette ones now I’ve started using a subscription thing like the fancy Monopoly Man I am.


Just looked at the BBC link.

Stopped where the guy on Twitter with one follower says his dad and he are NEVER USING A GILETTE PRODUCT AGAIN AFTER FIFTY YEARS.


Boring anecdote time:

When we were about 6, we were sitting in school assembly, while one of the teachers was talking about something or other, when I became aware of someone singing, really quietly, “Contour… Gillette Contour,” over and over again. It was a kid in my class who had completely tuned out the teacher and was happily singing the advert jingle to himself with his eyes shut. It got louder and louder until every one noticed, and went on for a few minutes until he realised and stopped.

Anyway, whenever I see a Gillette advert, I remember this and start laughing to myself.


Bf got given a free gillette razor at work for some reason but he has a beard so he gave it to me. I feel like I might cut myself on it? Seems a bit aggressive for my legs.

Women’s razors are fucking expensive, like £8-£12, in convenience shops anyway. Men’s start from, like, £2. It’s probably different in the bigger supermarkets.

She’s never had any problems with it, and prefers it to what she used to use. Maybe go a little lighter than usual but you should be fine. Why do I know so much about this?

Tried to convince my wife to use my safety razor as part of our drive to reduce plastic use but she’s not having any of it.


Obviously Gillette is still bad though as they sponsor the stadium of Team Evil

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Yeah it’s a ridiculous mark up for the women’s shaving stuff. I use safety razors which are like £8 for 100 being the proper man/absolute cheapskate I am.