Gimme a W, gimme an E, gimme a D ... it's WEDNESDAY

back to work, would rather sleep for approx 4 years instead thanks

set myself the goal of “sorting my life out” in the rest of the week while in full-on holiday bliss mode, so lets see how that holds up eh

Ahm oot

In the office first, was having a little kitchen disco and got discovered by a colleague, very embarrassing


Also on sort my life out week, going as well as it usually does ofc. I’ve now assigned Fig a guardian if i die before him in my will. Good news dis, its one of you! (It’s ok i like you all too much to do that to you)

Just send him to me and whichever of him and cotton kills the other one first can stay

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Good Morning DiS,

Today is my Friday, and also Great Escape Eve. I’m in the office, so I might try and see if I can use a printer to print out my list rather than pulling my phone out my pocket every five minutes. I don’t think I’ve used a printer since pre-lockdown though. to be honest, I’m not sure I even know where the printers are any more.

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still not sure how we sent humans to space and the bottom of the ocean, and yet can’t make reliable printer technology ffs


More like Wetnesday, amirite?

Staying inside, keeping dry this morning.

Going to the football tonight. Having a Local Indian beforehand.

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There was this system at work where you didn’t need to specify a printer - you printed off to the network, and then you tapped your pass on the printer and it printed your stuff, regardless of which printer you went to. It was quite good tbh. But I’ve had a new pass because my old one broke, and I know there’s some kind of setup required.

You know what else I should do as great escape prep? nick a highlighter from the stationary cupboard to mark up my list. Although there’s no point in doing that if I can’t print it out in the first place

Rainy and grey here in TQ7. Not much going on really, anyone want any beer?


Going for a walk before rain and work happens later. Got myself a treat as I’m tired and slightly hungover, so having a flat white and a massive almond croissant for second breakfast. Exciting eh


I’ll take a cider pls

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Ah man, the screeching call of swifts bombing about is amazing


Was a bunch of them circling over the beach on holiday the other day, made me think of ya

Now got a direct birds-RichT link in my brain ffs


Enjoyed this story today

Get pretty wet walking to the tram this morning.

In the office as my colleagues not being arsed about prepoing something important this afternoon means I now need to be here to make sure it doesn’t all go completely tits up.

Apparently Smudge has refused to go out for his walk this morning, which is a first. I’m now worrying about him too.

It’s all coming up roses here - the sun’s still out, I managed to get my stuff printed (after visiting three separate printers before I found one that worked), and the stationary cupboard had a highlight I can borrow in it.

Now, is it lunchtime yet?

Two days of two hours sleep so flagging a bit today. Seems A has tonsillitis so doesn’t want to eat and clinging to my partner wanting feeds all the time. Both pretty pooped, my partner especially.

Thankful I have a chill working week to just coast through.

Hoping to hear about exchanging contracts on a house today too :grimacing: House Chebbles is all go.

It’s Wednesday today

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Just sat eating my croissant in a meadow whilst about 75 swifts flashed around the river

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